Nike Partners With Pinatex For ‘Happy Pineapple’ Vegan Leather Sneaker Collection

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Nike is teaming up with Ananas Anam, the company behind the vegan pineapple leather Pinatex, to launch a new collection of plant-based sneakers. Found in some of Nike’s most iconic models over the years, including their Air Force and Air Max sneakers, the animal-free pineapple-based fabric will replace the use of animal leather, alongside other durable materials such as than cork.

Nike is set to launch its brand new collection of Happy Pineapple sneakers on Thursday, June 17, with a redesign of its classic sneaker models in Pinatex, the plant-based leather alternative developed by Ananas Anam. Created by Dr. Carmen Hijosa, Pinatex resembles leather, thanks to cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, and is a more sustainable alternative to traditional vegan leather alternatives derived from plastic, such as PU and PVC.

Due to the fact that it does not contain animals, Pinatex also requires significantly less resources to produce compared to its conventional peel counterparts, as raising animals for skin requires huge amounts of feed. , soil, water and emits carbon dioxide in the process.

Nike Air Force 1 Low Happy Collection

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Nike’s Happy Pineapple collection

The Happy Pineapple collection includes five models of Nike sneakers, each available in several colors. These include the Free Run Trail Premium, which will be available in the US and European markets, the Air Force 1, Air Max 90, Air Max 95 and Air Zoom Type, launched in Asia.

Commenting on the launch, Dr Christian Kurtzke, non-executive chairman of the Pineapple Anam board, wrote in a social media post: Asia. “

“Proving once again that Pinatex is the herbal performance material available today for commercial collections,” Kurtzke added.

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Nike has also decided to incorporate other sustainable materials such as natural cork into the Happy Pineapple range, as part of the ‘Move to Zero’ brand campaign and to capitalize on the rapidly growing trend of sneakers. ecological.

Happy Pineapple Nike Air Max 95 Collection

Alternatives to vegan leather are increasingly adopted by brands, and the industry is now estimated to have a market of US $ 89 billion by 2025.

Nike has already launched animal-free leather versions of its SB Dunks and a Space Hippie range made from recycled plastic, while rival brands Adidas and Reebok have also launched their own plant-based and sustainable designs to meet demand. of consumers.

All images are courtesy of Nike.

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