I’m a cool mom! Photographer Kathy Lo explains how dressing her kids inspired her label

What’s your changing bag and what’s in it?

I don’t have a diaper bag, but I use a tote bag. Recently I used a tote bag that came from my husband’s general store-restaurant called The Seneca in Ridgewood, Queens. In the bag are hand sanitizer, Coterie wipes and a change of clothes for my youngest, Cassius. Right now it’s summer with the water sprinklers and he has no problem getting in with shoes and clothes. He’s completely soaked. That’s what the extra clothes are there for.

Photo: Courtesy of Kathy Lo

Do you have a life saving mom tool?

Wipes. There are a few times in the car where the kids are eating and I turn around and I’m like, “What happened? It’s a huge mess on their faces and on their hands. I’m like, “I don’t understand how you can eat like this!” There are a lot of times when I didn’t have wipes and I panic because I also have a bit of OCD from the dirt. Also, I have snacks. My kids are always hungry, every five minutes, like “I’m hungry, I want food”.

What are the misconceptions about motherhood and style?

You don’t really need to have a diaper bag. You can operate anything. Also, I think you should talk to someone who has had kids before and figure out what is really needed. When I first had Sage, I didn’t really know anyone who had kids, so I was just buying stuff blindly. There are just unnecessary things that you don’t need.

Photo: Courtesy of Kathy Lo

What are the pieces that you have abandoned?

I definitely stopped carrying handbags. I am really sad about this. I tried and I just said “Oh no, please don’t touch me” to my kids because their hands are so dirty and their little fingernails … and you never know, they might. scratch this beautiful fine grain leather!

What are you wearing now?

I definitely don’t wear so many dresses anymore because now I feel much more comfortable in Patagonia pants or shorts, a button down shirt or a T-shirt. Something really cool. I guess less girly!

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