How to replace all the “cheugy” items in your wardrobe


I’ll admit it: my wardrobe was cheugy. I was drawn to the most garish, shiny, and trusted Instagram influencer-approved clothes and accessories.

If you’ve somehow avoided learning what the word “cheugy” means, then I’m really sorry, but the next sentence in this paragraph will change that. Urban dictionary defines “cheugy” as “the opposite of trend. Stylish in middle school and high school but not anymore in the style. Used when someone is always following these expired tendencies. ”

As we will all be re-entering society soon, we are probably a little worried about our fashion and our appearance. Despite what the kindhearted and emotionally supportive guys might suggest, we absolutely should be. Are you kidding? It will be the fashion of the Hunger Games. All it takes is a simple stylistic slip and you go from one of the Katniss to one of the Streets. This is the most important article you’ll read in 2021 (note that “The Hunger Games” came out about 50 years ago and referencing it is extremely weird).

Here are all the more modest things you probably still wear, and what you should replace them with before you join polite society.

Gucci belt

Ladies and gentlemen, I once owned a red and solid gold GG Gucci fire truck belt. What? It was all the rage just a few years ago! I bought it at a bison exchange in Berkeley and loved it with all my heart. I paired it with my TJ Maxx jeans and Target T-shirts, feeling like Kendall Jenner herself.

It might have been cool in 2016, but now is the time for those huge monogrammed belts to take a peaceful retreat. Yes, your Hermes and Louis Vuitton belts should also move to Florida and start playing golf with its slightly more affordable brother Gucci.

If you still want to pack a punch with a cute yet stylish designer belt, try this gorgeous Dior belt on The real real. It’s second-hand, which is good for your wallet and the environment, plus it’s beautiful.

You still get the monogram that makes a statement, but it’s subtle enough that it doesn’t scream “branded advertising”. White belts are super cute, especially if white jeans or skirts are part of your summer wardrobe.

Christian Dior canvas belt

Christian Dior

$ 540.00

Fila sneakers

Please don’t hate me, Paris, but I like good white sneakers. Despite what Urban Outfitters tells you, Fila sneakers are not the way to go. They are a bit too big and a bit over the top.

Try these whites Zespa sneakers rather. The pop color gives it a bit of personality while maintaining the same clean look.

ZSPGT Apla sneakers

ZSPGT Apla sneakers

$ 153.00

Louis Vuitton Monogram tote

I am a fan of a good Louis Vuitton bag. That being said, if I see another Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote in my local Safeway, I’ll cry. This look is honey to the max, the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. This is – if I can mix up generational slang for a moment – hella cheugy.

It doesn’t mean that you have to give up your love for Louis Vuitton. Instead, try this daring bag. This Louis Vuitton makes a statement with its color rather than its monogram design.

Burberry printed shirt

Did I save all my money in high school to buy a Burberry jacket? Perhaps. Burberry can be incredibly chic. These cheugy Burberry print tops, but are not.

If you like the plaid print, try this Burberry scarf rather. The color adds a unique touch to the original design. This makes it a statement accessory, which helps your outfit rather than overpowering it.

NET SUSTAIN checked and fringed cashmere scarf

NET SUSTAIN checked and fringed cashmere scarf


$ 470.00

Cycling shorts

Kim Kardashian could do it, but I couldn’t. However, these tights bike shorts dusted in my closet for years. I love shorts and am always looking for something that shows our confidence while maintaining comfort.

Let’s leave the bike shorts to the bikers.

For a fitted yet comfortable workout alternative, try these Spanx faux leather leggings rather. It’s cute, comfortable, and can be legitimately passed off as real pants. In… certain contexts.

Faux leather leggings

Faux leather leggings


$ 98.00

Micro bags

Look, these mic Bags are adorable. However, I am not an elf, but an adult human. And as an adult human, I usually have adult human accessories.

I prefer my mode to be useful. That’s why I’m saying goodbye to the cheugy micro bags of 2020. This Rag and bone bag is small but still cute and functional.

Dayton drawstring bag - leather

Dayton drawstring bag – leather—leather-886353756722.html

$ 350.00


Crocs were a 2020 trend because everything in 2020 was terrible. But 2020 is over now. In fact, it’s been six months and we have to put this behind us. You can start by replacing your Crocs.

With what? Whatever. Literally something else. Please. If not for you, and if not for me, then for the children. Don’t you want to think of the children? Here is a link to the shoes section of Amazon.


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