Ernest W. Baker Men’s Spring 2022 Collection

“We have established codes, we know who we are and what we do,” says Reid Baker on Zoom from Viana do Castelo, Portugal. “It’s not a collection that defines the season, it’s more of a collection that refines the season.” Despite only being four years into their business, Baker and Inês Amorim made their boyfriend Ernest W. Baker clear: flared pants, sultry suits, and some sort of punky-sleazy spirit.

For spring 2022, they are adding to the emotionality of their offer. The first look, a red brocade double-breasted suit, is one they describe as “roses rained in the fabric.” It’s as if the red petals have bled into the material. The floral design is carried in a large leather gardener’s bag and hand-crocheted flowers on small, cheesy sweater vests. A gold tooth necklace is taken from a Portuguese tradition where a mother wears the first tooth her child loses as a necklace. Even though they want you to wear knee-length shorts with cowboy boots – a look that’s both quirky and kinky – you can’t shake the wholesomeness of their brand.

Although they are adamant that they are only doing business as usual but better, there is also a lot of new stuff. A cobalt tracksuit and another in caramel leather are what Baker and Amorim call “grandfather’s athleisure”. A long, plaid jacket is unshakably elegant, and they made Mary Jane sneakers in black checked gingham as well as white / black derbies with a slight platform. The lapels of their long vests are dotted with hand-painted ceramic pins and roses are laser-etched into jeans – there’s a lot of soul here and a lot of marketability too.

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