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We often assume that foreign brands imply a better quality product. This belief takes away the credit and beauty of our own local products and crafts. To restore consumer confidence in the “Made in Bangladesh” label both locally and internationally, Fahmida Islam and Fahim Shafiul Islam have launched Lá Mode, a small local business selling handcrafted bags and shoes, which continues to grow. still today, in 2021. The two entrepreneurs started their business with the intention of putting our local heritage and our crafts in the international spotlight.

Unlike most other fast fashion companies, Lá Mode’s goal isn’t just to create trendy shoes and handbags and keep up with the trends. The company aims to uplift its customers through their hard work creating unique designs, drawing inspiration from their climate and locality.

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Essentially, the products are not only trendy and a chic addition to her wardrobe, but also an embodiment of the country’s heritage. What sets Lá Mode apart is their inspiration from their surroundings and local people, as well as their attention to customer feedback to add a personal touch to the designs.

This monsoon, Lá Mode introduced weather-resistant Plexi Flats, which remain resistant to water damage. Seeking inspiration from the subtle beauty of nature after a peaceful, soothing rain, the sandals come in a range of decadent colors adding a touch of color and magic. Apart from that, slippers, mules, moccasins, ballerinas, platform heels, kitten heels, back straps, ankle straps, oxford shoes, wedges, gladiators and many more models. are available for all tastes and professions.

As the brand continues to grow, while maintaining its goals of quality and durability, shoes for men and children have yet to hit the shelves; nonetheless, both demographics are part of their interest in expansion.

Lá Mode also offers unique and fun DIY jewelry making kits that consist of ten different pieces of faux leather as well as various jewelry making tools. This kit is not only a creative way to make leather jewelry like earrings and bracelets with unique designs, but also a fun activity to do with family and friends!

Plus, Lá Mode’s DIY tote bags, 100 percent cotton and sewn by their own Cox’s Bazar artisans, mean you can design yarn patches as you like.

Lá Mode’s line of creative products does not end there. They started taking steps to ensure sustainability from this year. The intention behind this step was to provide something valuable for their customers, but also to tax the environment less. All of their products are made from faux leather, ensuring cruelty-free shoes, bags and jewelry. In addition, to reduce waste, the brand now reuses leather scraps. Even though taking such green initiatives was not an easy habit to adopt, the brand remains determined to fight for the environment.

An important part of Lá Mode’s sustainability is reducing and reusing. In recent months, the brand has significantly reduced unnecessary production and encouraged circular fashion and increased production according to demand, whether seasonal or not. This ensures durability and keeps inventory fresh and up to date. In addition, they plan to become local and support local resources, as importing materials can contribute to the carbon footprint and strengthen the self-reliance of the economy, respectively.

Currently, three stores are open across Dhaka – Dhanmondi, Bailey Road and their flagship store in Banani, however, strictly by appointment. For security reasons, a “Virtual Shopping Experience” service is offered where customers can make an appointment on working days to receive a personalized tour of the store in the comfort of their own home.

With Eid-ul-Adha to come, Lá Mode has some exciting things in store, with options ranging from casual to formal, and everything in between. Better keep an eye on their website, Facebook and Instagram pages!

Lá Mode is proud to represent Bangladeshi craftsmanship at home and abroad, being available on Amazon Prime for prompt delivery overseas. Their shoe lines are lovingly handcrafted by their karigars. They also take orders where one can add a touch of uniqueness as a personal accessory. Overall, Lá Mode is the one stop shop needed to support sustainability and also become unique and creative with shoes, jewelry and bags.

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