“A famous father can open doors but they will close just as quickly if you are not good enough”


Completed last October, Inhaler has had plenty of time to sit down with their debut album, and the band are confident in what they’ve created. “I don’t think we have anything to prove,” McMahon says.

“We just want people to feel something. Even if you really hate it, it’s still a feeling, ”Hewson adds. “When you stay on the radio you get music that sounds very thin and meaningless. You can hear that there isn’t a lot of passion but with this album we wanted to do just the opposite. There is blood, sweat, tears and emotion all the time.

And you can feel it through it won’t always be like this. Heartwarming, energetic and with big ambitions, Inhaler’s debut album refuses to bow under the pressure of famous dads, the early hype or 16 months of not being able to perform live and connect with their fans. “We’re not saying we want to be a stage band,” begins Hewson of Inhaler’s growing ambitions, “but we want to see how far we can get our music and how many people it connects with. However, we don’t. not exactly going to turn down stadiums, “he smiles. For a band inspired to create a band at a concert for 40,000 people, would you expect something different?

Nonetheless, Inhaler knows that no matter how successful he is, people will quickly reject him because of Hewson’s famous father. “It opens doors but at the same time, they’ll close just as quickly if you’re not good enough,” he explains. “Of course people come to our shows and we get more exposure because of it, but it doesn’t gain you fans. We tried hard to go out there and work hard because we wouldn’t be a good group without it.

While the early gigs were dominated by older dudes hoping to catch a glimpse of Uncle The Edge, “now it’s nice to see a young crowd up front who might not even know who U2 is,” Hewson says. “People can have their preconceptions when they come to see us. But as long as they come to see us, we don’t mind.

It won’t always be like this is now available through Polydor


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