Kim Kardashian Outfits 2021: See Her Best Instagram Looks & More

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Many of Hollywood’s top fashionistas approach red carpet glamor and off-duty street style in very different ways. Stars who show up at the awards show with curly locks, maxi dresses, and sky-high stilettos love to dress in baggy cargo ships, short tanks, and Air Force Ones on the weekends. There aren’t many celebrities these days who are always “we”, and Kim K is one of them. When I think of Kim Kardashian’s outfits, even the most casual ones, I can’t remember a case where she didn’t look neat.

Partly that’s because of her ex-husband Kanye West, who always made sure Kim looked fierce. Together, they’ve essentially put biker shorts back on the map, not to mention neutrals, bodycon maxi dresses, and a plethora of other looks designed to suit Kardashian’s petite but curvy figure.

Over the past few months, however, Kardashian has moved away from her ex’s vision for her and leaned into her own personal style. She takes inspiration from her old party girl days (hello, mini skirts, cleavage and leather!) But combines them with a higher eye to make sure everything still looks chic. I have no doubts that this woman doesn’t put on anything unless she fits her measurements perfectly – and I respect all of that.

In fact, about the only time I see Kardashian dressed up is when she shows off her new SKIMS collection, so I know these pieces are designed with her figure in mind. She and I both share a favorite line in the Fits Everybody line, which is available up to size 5X and features super stretchy seamless pieces that she can wear even under her wildest OOTDs.

When she’s not wearing SKIMS (and even sometimes when she is), Kardashian’s non-event looks are always fierce. Exhibit A? A recent cut worn in New York City, where she partied with best friends La La Anthony and Tracy Romulus.

While West Coast Kim is all about skinny maxi shirts, East Coast Kim spiced things up for a night out in the Big Apple with a leather-on-leather look. At the top, she was wearing a rustic-looking brown leather demi-corset top that looked like a Gen Z star TikTok had ~ thrifted ~ out of her grandfather’s belts. She teamed the piece with straight lace-up leather pants and understated black strappy sandals. Oh, and a crucifix necklace, because why not?

Like I said, it’s a new look for Kimmy, so I’m a little shaken up! She never really plays punk rock, but I think she did. His glam Mario Dedivanovic and Michael Silva styled extra-long extensions really pull the look together, but if I’m being honest, it all gives me Kourtney vibes. Did she borrow those pants from Kourt? And did Kourt steal them from Travis? I have questions.

Conclusion: is this look a little weird? TBH, yes. Do I like to see Kim lean into a funky new style? I’m sure ! Hope she danced the night away with her friends and got tons of compliments, and covered herself in baby powder before going to town. The humidity is 90% in New York these days, so there’s no way our daughter won’t be sweating during a storm. Kim, my daughter, I live in town if you need anything!

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