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Since there have been motorcycles, there have been misconceptions about motorcycles. Some are trite, but others are downright dangerous, which is why Utah’s most trusted local source for new and used motorcycles is here to clear things up.

1. Helmets make driving more dangerous

One of the most common motorcycle myths is also one of the most dangerous. Proponents of the harmful helmet theory claim that helmets cause more neck injuries in accidents due to their weight. They also claim that helmets reduce a cyclist’s field of vision and make it harder to see and hear what is happening on the road. While these arguments may sound compelling, the numbers and science do not back them up.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 25,000 lives have been saved by helmets since 2002. This is because Department of Transportation approved helmets reduce neck injuries by absorbing energy in crashes. Helmets also do not significantly reduce the rider’s field of vision. Most accidents happen within the provided field of view, where the helmet visor allows riders to see more clearly by blocking out wind and debris.

When buying a helmet, ignore the myths about the motorcycle helmet, find a comfortable and secure fit, and make sure the helmet is DOT approved. As always, you should use discretion when purchasing used safety equipment.

2. Leather is just a fashion statement

Does wearing leather make you look cooler on your bike? Duh. But that’s not the only reason jumpers wear it. In addition to adding a few points on the style scale, leather also offers protection. After all, what would you rather wear while sliding down the sidewalk, a T-shirt or a sturdy leather jacket? You will take the leather jacket 10 times out of 10. This is why riders not only wear leather jackets, but also leather leggings often. Other benefits of leather include long lasting water resistance and extra warmth in cold and windy weather. Leather jackets also make it easy for bikers to add patches, because while it’s not just about fashion, there is nothing wrong with looking good.

5 motorcycle myths, debunked

3. Loud pipes save lives

The louder you are, the more people will hear you coming in and the safer you will be on the road, right? Not exactly. Once again, “deafening noise” and “security” remain at odds. Your modified pipes might make more noise, but they send it back to the rear, which will have little effect on cars merging right in front of you or right next to you. Loud pipes might even be more dangerous – pilots with modified exhaust systems crash a little more often than those without. More effective safety methods include wearing a brightly colored helmet or jacket and installing a better horn.

4. You should first buy the bike of your dreams

You’re gonna learn to ride anyway. Why not buy the bike you’ve been dreaming of since you were little while listening to “Born To Be Wild” on your bike? Because you have no idea what you’re doing, that’s why. Not only are “dream bikes” generally too powerful for beginners, but beginners will often pick up a few bumps along the way. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’re going to break down. More likely, you will drop your bike while learning to ride at slower speeds. These reductions will be all the less painful as the financial and emotional price will be low. Beginners would be better off buying a sturdy but affordable bike and spending more money on the safety gear that will follow them from bike to bike.

5. Having a doorbell on your bike will keep off-road gremlins away

The Gremlin Bells have long been a lucky charm in the biker community. The idea is that by hanging on the bikes of the bikers, the bells keep the gremlins, the evil spirits away from the road. The Gremlins roam the highway, throwing debris on the road and chasing animals on the biker trails. Most bikers probably don’t believe they chase gremlins on their daily rides, but it’s still fun to play with a community’s traditions and superstitions. Gremlin Bells must also be donated by a close friend to be effective, so they are considered a goodwill gesture.

Unlike other myths, the motorcycle bell myth is hard to eliminate, not only because it is based on friendship, but because you can never be sure what is lurking on those dark highways. of the desert… prevention is better than cure.

Find bikes, gear and more at KSL Classifieds. This is not a myth – KSL Classifieds is your local source for new and used bikes and equipment.

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