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We’ve had a lifetime of summers to train, but somehow we always find ourselves in summer style dilemmas when dressing for the sun. What we want to wear and what we should wear don’t always match, and we are caught in the dilemma of practicality versus style. We’re not too stubborn to ask for help, however. Fortunately, MATCHESFASHION took the time to give us some tips for dressing for the sun.

MATCHESFASHION brought in three creatives who live in places far from thirsty for the sun. Podcast host Arman Naféei, photographer Stephen Tayo and photographer Abdulla Elmaz, from Ibiza, Lagos and Dubai respectively, were kind enough to share their essential shopping lists. With pieces ranging from light, textured pants to bold swim shorts, these sun dressing experts give you a foundation to start a wardrobe that adapts as much in form as in function.

Find the best tips for dressing for the sun below.

HARAGO linen shorts

Arman Naféei chose shorts that we liked all summer. This pure linen pair from HARAGO features minimal details with an embroidered logo on the back in red.

Frescobol Carioca swim shorts with Lençois print

Lençois print swim shorts

Lençois print swim shorts



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Tayo wore a co-ord in serious style this summer. These are the shorts in question from Frescobol Carioca and they feature a stunning hypnotic all-over print.

Bottega Veneta Puddle Sandals

Puddle sandals

To complete the beach-ready luxury style of the Frescobol Carioca group, Tayo opted for a pair of Bottega Veneta Puddle sandals. Lots of notes from us.

HARAGO denim jacket

Jean jacket

The style of summer evenings is arguably the most difficult to perfect. Stephen Tayo’s relaxed HARAGO fit is built around this denim jacket which is ideal as a relaxed top layer when the sun goes down.

Bottega Veneta Textured Trousers

Textured pants

Dubai-based Elmaz must dress for some very oppressive heat. He opted for this pair of lightweight Bottega Veneta pants. Although they may seem ready for fall / winter, a cotton and silk blend positions them perfectly for a blustery summer day.

Ibiza Anagram basket bag by Loewe Paula

Ibiza Anagram basket bag by Paula

Ibiza Anagram basket bag by Paula



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One of the best purchases you can make this summer is a large tote. Whether you are in the city or at the beach, this basket bag from Loewe does everything you need.

HARAGO Patachitra print shirt

Patachitra printed shirt

We are going strong on the HARAGO this season. The effortless design of the brand’s summer shirts with raised details really got us hooked.

Crescent Moon T-Shirt Navy Greenhouse

Crescent moon t-shirt

Elmaz styled one of Marine Serre’s tight Crescent Moon t-shirts with finesse. It’s definitely a tough style to pull off, but if you get it right, it’s worth it.

Jacquemus cap

Cap Cap

Another expert in clothing for the sun, Simon Porte Jacquemus, has just dropped what could be the best cap of the summer.

Sunglasses Jacques Marie Mage Lana

Lana sunglasses

Sunglasses embody the pursuit of form and function in one package. UV protection is essential for the health of your eyes, so finding the right frames is no easy task. Jacques Marie Mage is an expert in shades, however, with 100% UV protection as well as details like 18k gold plated arrowheads to finish.

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