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Local leather artist Mr. Lamine Diop said his father instilled in him his love for the leather trade and for the work of his hands.

He watches everything his father has done.

“When I was young, I admired my father who made leather bags from scratch. It ignited the fire in me to continue in his footsteps.

Creating a good bag can be time consuming, which is why Mr. Diop spends hours making handmade bags of all sizes, each with a unique original design.

“I find inspiration in memory. Just remembering what my father did and how he managed to sow his tastes in the pattern makes my art more special. As far as I can remember, I have made hundreds of bags.

Her favorite color to work with is a beige shade because it is flattering and suitable for any occasion.

“The shade is just as important as the design. You need to find a shade that compliments the patterns in your head.

Mr. Diop takes rawhide and brings out the essence of each bag individually without losing the natural rustic feel.

“I believe in keeping genuine leather while improving its functionality to adapt it to the market. “

“I like working with soft leather because it doesn’t take a long time to sew or even cut the pattern,” he added.

Since Mr. Diop finds the design in his memories and what inspired him, his design process is not just drawn on a piece of paper, but rather spread out on a table where he will cut the leather and visualize an illustration. 3D to decide in advance what the final product will look like.

“I would describe myself as a visionary who was born with an inherited appreciation of leather. Not only by its appearance, but also by the earth’s atmosphere it creates and for the heritage it carries.

Mr. Diop believes that leather is not just a hobby, but rather a seed that was watered by a man who gave it life.

Mr Diop surrounded by his handmade leather bags.

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