Dazzle your fall wardrobe with these Made In Italy accessory brands!

We’re still on top of New York Fashion Week, but we can’t help but transport ourselves across the pond to Italy, where time goes slower but fashion is still going strong. amazing! Lucky for you, we’re bringing you the 50 Made in Italy brands ready to be showcased at COTERIE, which is set to return to in-person format in New York from September 19-21. Next on our list: quality accessory brands, eager to take any outfit to the next level.


Did someone say leather !? Based in the whitewashed town of Puglia, Coriu produces bona fide leather goods inspired by the slow disposition of the South. Drawing on regional practices from ancient times, Coriu’s Apulian leather offering might just be the best of the boot. [Agent name: Giordano Lapegna]


Looking for a one-of-a-kind handbag? You have come to the right place! Couture is a bespoke company that honors the past with its artisan techniques, but looks to the future with its modernized aesthetic. While each tote sports a unique look, each nods to the brand’s creative expertise. [Agent name: Massimo Mariotti]


It all started when Veronica Quarterman, born in Canada, moved to Italy and developed a European taste that would later inspire her accessories brand. QMAN. As for the atmosphere? Metropolitan-meet-glam with a luxury Italian look. Where do we add to cart !? [Agent name: Capponi Giuseppe]


Handcrafted in Italy and sold in the Hamptons (!) And some tropical islands, talk about the best of both worlds! With a selection of jewelry large enough to cover its international clientele, Mela firmly sticks to its laid-back beach aesthetic. Think about it: shells, pearls and gems fit for a mermaid. [Agent name: Manuela Girone]

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