How to keep shoes in good condition, according to an expert

Life isn’t always smooth with our shoe collection, and our favorite shoes face a number of hurdles like weather, dirt and jagged streets that threaten to tarnish their “like new” vibe. Fortunately, you don’t just have to put up with scuffs and stains as a part of life, and there are plenty of ways to fight back and keep your kicks in great shape for a long time.

To help us get started, Shop TODAY contacted Guillaume Berteau, responsible for the shoe and accessories catering service at Shoemakers, for tips on keeping our shoes like new. We’re also putting together a few pairs that lend themselves well to catering services, so you can enjoy them for years to come!

How to keep your shoes in good condition

Want to keep your shoes dead cool, but don’t know where to start? There are several ways to extend the life of your favorite pair of kicks:

  • Use cedar shoe trees: “During the day, the foot perspires and moistens the leather of the shoe, which can wrinkle it. If you are not proactive, it is quite possible that the crease will become permanent in the leather. Cedar shoe trees will absorb all the potential. moisture and avoid wrinkling, ”said Berteau.
  • Don’t wear the same shoes every day: “It’s a good idea to alternate shoes every day. Having a rotation will always help the life of each pair,” explained the shoe expert.
  • Don’t forget to spot clean spots: “For cleaning stains and scuffs from leather, I would recommend dry cleaning liquid stain removers. For suede and nubuck leathers, suede gums are definitely the solution. option. Gonzo stain remover also works for food stains, ”said Berteau.
  • Shoe polish can do wonders: “There are different ways to polish leather. Cream polish will penetrate the pores of the leather and nourish the leather, while a wax polish will seal the leather and give it a more waterproof finish,” Berteau said. “It is important to clean and condition leather before polishing it to remove any dirt and excess polish.”

What to know about shoe repair

If you’ve ever been tempted to have your shoes repaired but weren’t sure what the process involved, you’ve come to the right place. Berteau has broken down the information needed for us below:

  • Some materials are easier to repair than others: “Leather is still the most durable and repairable material. The characteristics of leather allow us to sand it, fill it, color it, etc. Leather can really be brought back from the dead sometimes! Other materials like vinyl, fabrics and suede can be a bit more difficult to repair at times, although it’s not impossible, ”he explained.
  • There are different shoe repair options: “There are deep cleaning and repair / rebuild services that can literally make even the most worn ragged footwear look like new, but we also have a separate category of dedicated protection services which is essential to maintaining the condition. longevity of new or new shoes. reconditioned shoes, ”said Berteau. “Protective services start with waterproofing the upper, which will repel water and liquids, preventing stains. Then, protective soles and heel tips are added to the bottom of the shoe, which will prevent the original soles to wear out. “
  • Investing in a good pair of shoes makes repairs easier: “We recommend that you invest a little more in a good pair of leather shoes and continue to care for them over time,” the shoe expert told us. “Buying cheap shoes may seem like a good budget option at first, but ultimately if you need to replace them after a few months or a year, you could end up spending more, while simultaneously contributing to the amount of waste that you have. we produce as a company.
  • Sometimes a shoe is too far away to be fixed: “If the material is synthetic and is old and chipping, or if the leather is too dry and cracks all over, there is not much you can do. Otherwise, as far as the fabric and the suede are concerned, s ‘there is significant damage, Sometimes there is nothing else to do but replace it. Depending on the location of the damage and the construction of the shoes, it can sometimes be too far away to be repaired as well “, Berteau said.

Sustainable flat shoes for women

Earth Origins perforated leather flats

When you find a pair of flats that you like, you want to keep them for a while, and this budget leather pair has us definitely crushed. The stretchy style features perforated detailing to the side, padded arch support, and a cute check lining. It’s available in three neutral colors – black, blue, and brown – plus a stunning red for those days when you want to make a real fashion statement.

Rockport Total Motion Laylani Loafers

Building a collection of shoes that you would love to go through the ages? A timeless moccasin made of leather and suede is a worthy contender. Rockport’s Laylani moccasins are pretty and practical with their interior cushioning and shock absorption.

Sofft Perforated Leather Oxfords Simons

Whether you wear this versatile pair of brogues with a dress and tights or a pair of jeans and a silky blouse, you really can’t go wrong. The leather shoes feature fun perforated detailing, arch support, and cushioning, so you look chic while still being comfortable.

Hush Puppies Hazel Tip

This ballerina is a nice mix between a ballerina and a moccasin and is available in leather and suede. With 10 colors available to choose from (our favorite is the metallic gold shade), the shoe also has some nice, comfortable features like memory foam and plenty of cushioning.

Durable heels for women

Asymmetric Mary Jane Cobb Hill Kailyn Pump

Having thrown away our fair share of ragged pumps over the years, we’re ready to invest in a pair that we can keep looking brand new for years to come, and these Mary Janes from Cobb Hill really put a smile on our face. . The leather style has a comfortable block heel, supportive footbed, and gorgeous texture on the strap and upper part of the shoe.

Franco Sarto Pisa pump

Whether you love living life in color or prefer a softer shade, this cute Franco Sarto pump has something for everyone and comes in six shades ranging from purple and emerald to cream and black. The square-toe pump is available in suede or responsibly sourced leather and can have a modern or classic look, depending on how you wear it.

Fawna Black Milled Nappa

You can rest assured that this leather Mary Jane will go the distance and keep your little feet warm for years to come. The multitasking style can be dressed up or down and has plenty of crazy-worthy features like arch support and cushioning and a durable rubber outsole.

Clarks Artisan Slip-On Leather Pumps

A basic pair of black pumps is a wardrobe staple and this style from Clarks Artisan is both fashionable and functional. The slip-on leather heel is perfect for job interviews, dates, and family receptions, making it a multitasking style worth doing.

Sustainable boots and ankle boots for women

Zodiac Padma Boots

Sassy in suede! These stylish boots come in two shades – black and brown – and have a sturdy three-inch heel that provides just enough height without making you feel like you’re wobbling on stilts all day. The suede style is also a more affordable alternative to their leather counterparts and just as stylish.

Vionic Cecily Boot

We love a cute pair of ankle boots and this edgy pair comes in three leather colors – black, brown, and animal print – that will never go out of style, which means it’s a perfect bullion piece that you can repair over decades when they are a little too scuffed.

Sorel Cate Chelsea Boot

Waterproof leather and suede? Yes please! Sorel’s sassy, ​​weather-resistant ankle boots are available in two materials and four neutral colors: black, brown, beige and light blue. We’re big fans of the walkable block heel, interior cushioning and slip-on style!

Coach Farrah Wide Calf Riding Boots with Logo Buckle

You know you’ve found a quality pair of leather boots when they look super buttery (in the best possible way), and this equestrian-inspired pair is about as smooth and shiny as it gets. The sleek riding boots dress up a bit using gold hardware, but maintain a clean, relaxed vibe that makes them perfect to pair with any outfit.

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