Classic Fendi Handbags to Invest in in 2021 — From Baguette to Crescent


During the house’s presentation in spring 2009, Venturini Fendi presented the Peekaboo bag, which she considered “the only occasion in which a woman would be recommended to walk around with an open and unlocked bag”. The Peekaboo has been designed with multiple compartments and a double closure so that it can technically be worn half open or half closed, depending on your outlook on life. When partially closed, the bag reveals a contrasting color, texture or leather instead, hence the name. Model Toni Garrn opened this show with a white Peekaboo bag crafted from nubby fabric, and after her variations of the snakeskin and mesh bag followed. Like the Baguette, Peekaboo materials vary each season, and during the brand’s Fall 2020 show, Fendi tweaked the bag to look even more undone, dubbing it the Peekaboo I See U. interiors are interchangeable – one day your Peekaboo may flash a kelly green and the next a subtle dove gray.

Medium Fendi Peekaboo X-lite bag in black leather

Medium Fendi Peekaboo I See U bag

Fendi mini Peekaboo bag in yellow and white vertigo FF leather

Fendi Peekaboo leather handbag

Photographed by Raymond Meier, Vogue, May 2003

The same year that she presented the Baguette, Venturini Fendi also offered us the Croissant, fresh from the Fendi bakery. (Italians are known for their carbohydrate exhilaration, after all.) Dipped like a crescent and cradled like a hobo bag, this handbag features a flap closure with FF hardware and a strap that transforms. short to long, depending on how you would like to wear it, such as a satchel or a shoulder bag. Back in the 2000s, there was a waiting list for every version, including one wrapped in sequins, but the Croissant is most popular in a supple calfskin that ripples like, yes, French pastry or a monogrammed fabric. Fabric. Currently, Fendi offers the style in a heavyweight woven cotton fabric in small to medium sizes. Think of the Crescent as the slightly older, more prepared sister of the Baguette.

Small Fendi Croissant brown leather bag

Fendi Croissant Small Crochet Hobo Bag

Fendi Medium Croissant Leather Crossbody Bag

Small Fendi Croissant shoulder bag


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