R29 buying team reviews Everlane’s’ 90s Cheeky jeans

Tester: Karina Hoshikawa, Beauty and Wellness Market Editor

What I’m looking for in jeans: “Since I’m petite, I always look for a cropped or ankle length. Anything standard will probably be too long a crotch for me. I pretty much exclusively buy high waisted styles because I find them more flattering. I’m not very picky when it comes to stretching, but obviously I want them to be comfortable! I also want my jeans to last me a long time, so I don’t buy anything that is too thin and looks like a jegging.

First impressions: “My first impression is that the fit was not bad, really true to size! I tend to have a hard time finding jeans that don’t roll up at the ankles since I’m 5’2. The denim is moderately stiff, but not too stiff that I can’t sit comfortably. Plus, I’m sure they’ll soften up a bit over time. I got ankle length and, TBH, they were even longer than I expected! They ended up hitting me right at my feet; ideally, I would like them just a bit shorter but I’m not crazy about them. I also like the high waist and the pale blue wash was perfect.

The price: “While I’ve splurged on designer jeans from Rag & Bone and Frame that I’m completely passionate about, my overall denim focus is around $ 100. I own several pairs of Madewell jeans that I love and a few from Everlane too, in fact! For the quality and transparency behind the workmanship, I think $ 88 is a fair enough price for people like me who are used to buying more premium denim (i.e. no fast fashion) .

The “cheeky” factor: “Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t feel like these did a ton for the ass. it does not have not makes my butt look cute but, again, there was also looser fabric around the thigh which probably camouflaged my booty a bit. I cared more that the fit was snug at the waist so you could still see some cake.

How I would wear these jeans: “My style is pretty basic, so pairing them with a plain white tee OR a graphic tee (I have favorites from In-N-Out and Tabasco) layered under a leather jacket would be perfect for the fall!”

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