Doctor Who: Top 10 Most Fashionable Companions


One of the biggest conversations around the cult sci-fi TV series Doctor Who implies the Doctor’s sense of eccentric style. From bow ties to oversized scarves to hideous rainbow coats, every incarnation of the Doctor has somehow left its mark on fashion. Even their many companions took to the act, creating iconic outfits throughout the series.

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A few of these companions have managed to stand out from the crowd with their own sense of style. Whether in the classic series or the current revival, fans have found plenty of companions with a remarkable fashion sense.

ten Dr Grace Holloway

An image of Grace Holloway looking at the camera with the TARDIS in the background.

When fans were first introduced to Dr Grace Holloway in the Doctor Who 1996 TV movie, she was enjoying opera in a blue ball gown when she was called into service. Although the abrupt interruption did not give her time to change, Grace was able to carry out her work as a surgeon while remaining dressed in her finery.

While the dress is an iconic moment in itself, Grace’s other outfits represented the same balance, with silk blouses and high-end capes. Grace only made one screen appearance, but her stories continue in Doctor Whothe expanded universe of.

9 Jamie mccrimmon

An image of Jamie McCrimmon looking curiously at the camera.

Not everyone can wear a kilt, but for Second Doctor companion Jamie McCrimmon, kilts were only part of his basic wardrobe. Even in the face of the dated ridicule of wearing “a skirt,” Jamie has stuck to his Scottish heritage and refused to compromise.

At the same time, Jamie was able to mix up his style whenever he needed it. While staying aboard the TARDIS, Jamie also incorporated a lot of modern fashion into her look, creating unique and unorthodox looks in each episode.

8 Fitz kreiner

An image of Fitz Kreiner standing behind his companion Sam Jones.

The Adventures of the Eighth Doctor have been recorded in various audio and novel formats, some of which deserve their own full episode. Among his many companions, guitarist Fitz Kreiner stood out from the crowd with his extravagant costumes, rockstar hair and leather jacket. One story even implied that Fitz wore a wedding dress for a sword fight, perfectly encapsulating his campy nature.

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Thanks to her good looks and wonderful sense of style, Fitz Kreiner has managed to rack up many love interests over the years, including The Doctor. The two were incredibly close, and LGBTQ + Whovians consider Fitz a fan favorite.

7 Jo grant

Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant in Doctor Who

Debuting in the early 1970s, Josephine ‘Jo’ Grant’s style embodied a carefree look that contrasted perfectly with the dark and elegant Third Doctor, played by Jon Pertwee. Some of her favorite additions to outfits included large fluffy coats, a bright red tie, and lots of various rings on her fingers.

One accessory that Jo would ultimately never add to her wardrobe, however, were glasses. It was unfortunate for Katy Manning, who was legally blind without them and was often escorted to the set by Jon Pertwee so she wouldn’t get hurt.

6 Bill Potts

Even though Metacritic gave Doctor WhoIn season 10, an average score, his companion Bill Potts and his eclectic style were recognized to be the highlight of the series. With vivid colors, eye-catching prints and custom jackets, Bill’s fashion sense perfectly mirrors the clothes worn by modern young adults.

At the same time, Bill was just as capable of dressing up for the occasion. The green frock coat and 1800s dress she wears in the episode “Thin Ice” is a flattering combination for her and offers some diversity in her looks.

5 Ian chesterton

An image of Ian Chesterton standing in front of the TARDIS.

Ian Chesterton formed the first TARDIS core team, alongside the granddaughter of Dr Susan and fellow teacher Barbara Wright, the latter with whom he fell in love and later married, becoming one of the Doctor Whothe best couples. Ian’s style has always mirrored that of a cool teacher admired by his students, and he’s rarely seen without his signature suit and tie.

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In a few stories, Ian borrows an Ulster coat from the First Doctor and wears it well, although it is several sizes too big. Ian’s fashion sense strongly reflected the 60s of the era, especially when it came to menswear.

4 Captain Jack Harkness

Ever since Captain Jack Harkness made his debut in the beloved two-part first season, “The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances,” his trademark overcoat has become synonymous with his character. While Jack didn’t initially wear his coat for every episode with the Ninth Doctor and Rose, later episodes have him worn every time he appears.

However, not all of Jack’s outfits are hits. An episode of the derivative audio drama, The many lives of Captain Jack, had disguised him as the Sixth Doctor, with the striking rainbow mantle.

3 Polly wright

An image of Polly Wright smiling from the side.

Another first companion of the Doctor, Polly Wright was often nicknamed “The Duchess” by her love Ben because of her sophistication. With a wardrobe full of the latest ’60s trends and long lashes, Polly fits the royal title perfectly.

From sleek newsboy caps to chic coats, Polly’s fashion has always seemed perfectly on point. While his episodes on Doctor Who were shot exclusively in black and white, comics and colorized images depicted her in hot pink – a color that suited actress Anneke Wills’ fair complexion perfectly.

2 Song of the river

With a wicked sense of humor and a flair for the dramatic, River Song can accomplish anything from outwitting the Doctor to surviving a deadly Terminator attack. Most importantly, she does all of this while looking dressed to kill. Whether she wears elegant evening dresses or military fatigues, River always manages to be impeccable.

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Additionally, River uses a variety of disguises and costumes on his travels around the galaxy. Some of them include a nun’s garb or a Cleopatra’s outfit, fit for a queen.

1 Romana I

An image of Romana I standing in a snowy landscape while wearing a large fur coat.

Romana’s first incarnation, played by Mary Tamm, was a glamorous woman who turned out to be one of the Doctor’s smartest companions. She was also the most fashionable of all the companions, preferring to wear long elegant princess dresses. The most famous of these dresses was pure white, with a matching long, fluffy cape.

Her second incarnation also had many iconic looks, but none of them were compared to the sheer elegance of the original Romana. While Mary Tamm only played her for one season, she left a huge mark on the series, in terms of style.

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