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When was the last time you washed your wallet? Never? I guess never, and I am not judging, because that is also my answer. But considering how many times a day you touch it – take it out of your pocket, put it down and pick it up on a counter, flip through it for cash or cards – there’s a very reasonable point to make. that your wallet could use a bath. Ditto for your bag, especially if you’re the type to drop it randomly on the sidewalk or on the floor when you pull up a chair to meet a buddy for a coffee or a beer (again, guilty).

Admittedly, I had never really thought about it before discussing with Chris Hull, SVP at Rothy’s, the new accessories of the mark, which are released today. He had just returned home to Utah from a business trip to New York City, where, among meetings, dinners and everything in between, he was testing a sample of the new Carryall tote bag. The conclusion? After all this handling and hanging out on the floor, “It’s nice to come home and be able to wash it,” Hull says.

It’s a simple thing, of course, but it’s informed by a lot of material science. Rothy’s signature was, at one point, women’s knitted shoes. At this point, having added women’s accessories, men’s shoes, and now men’s accessories to the mix, this is really the stuff everything else is made of: a flexible yet durable yarn made from plastic bottles. reused plastic (sometimes with the addition of marine plastics).

The tote

by Rothy

$ 395.00

“Our material, our recycled plastic, what we call RPET, because it’s machine washable and because it’s knitted to shape, fits very well in this category,” says Hull. The form can be a wallet or a tote or a sneaker; Either way, the construction eliminates the need to cut and sew separate elements together, dramatically reducing waste. And because the resulting material is both tough and supple, it’s an impressive substitute for leather, as long as you try to mimic the way it works more than the way it looks.

The Laptop Portfolio

by Rothy

$ 245.00

Knowing this, Hull and the rest of the Rothy’s team decided to follow a reworked version of the model that worked so well on the women’s side and expand beyond footwear into men’s accessories. The range includes the Carryall, a card case, a bifold wallet and a laptop wallet. All are designed to meet real-life needs: a zipper on the bag runs vertically, making it easy to open and close on the go, and the wallet has a mid-length slit for the bag. silver folded, keeping more open space for cards – and rendered with a distinctly toned down vibe. These are, after all, the kind of everyday essentials that most men regularly seek out. They should fit whatever is in your wardrobe. What if they can be washed in the wash with this stuff, too? Well, so much the better.

The minimalist portfolio

by Rothy

$ 125.00

The slim card case

by Rothy

$ 95.00

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