Marine Serre Spring / Summer 2022 Collection, Lookbook


Mark: Marine Serre

Season: Spring / Summer 2022


Editor’s Notes: Eco-conscious upcycling warrior Marine Serre has a lot on her mind. This shines through in her production, which mixes all sorts of crazy clothing into a stew of disparate influences that span the entire stylistic range.

For example, Serre’s expansive SS22 collection, “Ostal24”, includes everything from patchwork of regenerated denim and embroidered Dutch tablecloths to reborn recycled nylons in capes, hoods and bottle holders. Serre’s crescent moon logo appears widely throughout, sewn into macrame and stamped onto her iconic bodysuits.

These are clothes for the greater good – nothing is sustainable, but Serre is hawkish about its carbon footprint and this collection is 90% recycled / reclaimed – and it’s as futuristic as anything we should wear in a uncertain new era.

While Serre’s CORE collection ensures that casual fans can still purchase a bodysuit or trucker jacket, its primary fare includes a more dynamic fare.

Watch the shaggy layers of recycled popcorn fabric pinched in amorphous textured gardens, the piles of reused silk scarves, the Y2K chains, the forks morphed into earrings.

“I want people to feel the beauty and the simplicity of being together and find pleasure in cooking, eating, dancing, doing yoga,” Serre said. “And at the same time, recognize that every day we make choices that have an impact.… Fashion is more than draping fabric and making a profit, it can be a place where we are free to take action. significant. “

If swaddling us in Serre’s vision for the future is a step in the right direction, so much the better.


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