Our favorites from the new Zara Pet collection

Who let the dogs seek this Well? Probably Zara’s newest collection of pets.

The flagship Zara on Queen’s Road Central serves several important purposes.

First of all, as an industrious house for trendy pieces chosen on the slopes, ready and priced for the masses.

Second, a tirelessly air-conditioned four-story institution that I can slip into in too hot weather to cool off while flipping through clothes I won’t try on, out of courtesy to other customers who probably won’t appreciate the wares. slightly damp.

Third, this is my post office, because when I invariably click on “Pick up in store” for a purchase order, I don’t want anyone to be witness, guilty, to arrive at my door; a package that I plan to pick up very, very soon with brown cardboard boxes filled to the brim from the new Zara pet collection. Zara for pets!

For those who ironically fill out their Instagram bio as “Dog Mum”, “Dog Person” or any other variation on the theme of dog worship, get a match with your favorite furry friend with these following combos from the most cute Zara to date.

With cuff and collar

A contrast striped cuff has all the hallmarks of an excellent college fit; membership in an intramural sports club is not necessary. So if you and your puppy really wanted to enjoy a nice time with the dogs and leave the long distance running to the pros, we just say dress up the party.

Pet Collection Knit Jumper (199 HK $)

Plush Jersey Joggers (HK $ 259)

Make yourself comfortable

There’s only one foolproof way to dress in winter: in layers. And what if it’s a diaper that’s as comfortable, as fuzzy, and as deliciously tactile as an off-white soft, nubby sheepskin blanket? If your four-legged friend has reservations, tell him it’s not necessary: ​​it’s all wrong!


Pet Collection Faux Sheepskin Jacket (HK $ 259)

Faux Sheepskin Overshirt (HK $ 499)

Essentials only

There are a lot of very adorable knits, outerwear and winter beanies in the Zara Pet collection, but remember not to overlook the essentials. Leashes, harnesses, and soft donut beds are upgrade points; accessories and essentials that will get its fair share of everyday use as opposed to a more whimsical purchase (cute as they are!). Prepare for quick bathroom breaks with a leather cell phone holder that carries only your bare essentials.

Colored Pet Strap (HK $ 159)

Soft Leather Cell Phone Bag (HK399)

Left on red

We strength I just saw the end of the rainy season this summer, but, again, it’s Hong Kong. Who knows when a typhoon will hit our shores. Until then, get ready for rainy weather next year with a fire truck red raincoat for the dog, a water repellent sweatshirt for you. Happy Christmas is also suitable.

Red Pet Collection Raincoat (HK $ 259)

Water-repellent quilted sweatshirt (HK $ 359)

Dog snood

A lower note about what would otherwise be a perfect headgear: I can’t see the ears. Although, rest assured, the little pompom sitting directly on the crown more than makes up for it. Expect a cacophony of cooing, awws, and iPhones slyly tilting in your direction for most of this ride. The beanie will also look crisp and come out of a carry bag, if your pooch gets tired.

Pet Knit Hat (HK $ 159)

Jacquard Knit Hood (HK $ 199)

Barking and sparkling

Officially this sparkly belt is not part of the Zara Pet collection, my apologies for the wrong direction. But they made use a canine model for this SKU, so all is fair in love and listicles. A treat for all upcoming glitter and glamor themed dog birthday parties, this rhinestone belt can be slipped on like a makeshift necklace in the blink of an eye for quick Instagram photos. Everything for the content! So what is theirs is yours. You now have two sequined belts. Good news for you.

Maxi Strass Belt (HK $ 229)

Special Edition Rhinestone Belt (HK $ 359)

Green light

From Bottega Veneta bathrobes to those TikTok-viral House of Sunny dresses, there’s been a big revolution vis-à-vis the color green lately. Dogs, apparently, can only see in the spectrum of yellows and blues, so they won’t be able to appreciate how absolutely cool you both look all green from head to toe; muzzle to paw. So be sure to tell them.

Green Pet Collection Raincoat (HK $ 259)

Wide jeans (HK $ 359)

Can we have it in a doggy bag?

Belt bags worn diagonally across the chest look a bit like the past in those non-festival days, but when is Fido wearing it? Unbelievable. Adorable. Avant-garde. So independent! For short walks, pack light treats and a roll of trash bags in theirs; a bottle of water, a camera and the key card-phone trio in yours.

Pet Collection Nylon Belt Bag with Strap (HK $ 259)

Nylon waist bag (HK $ 299)

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