GOT7 Youngjae ‘COLORS from Ars’: release date, MV teaser, and all about her solo debut

Youngjae’s solo debut seems to be getting closer and closer. Following Bambam, Yugyeom and Jay B, Youngjae is the next member of GOT7 to make his solo debut this year. In the past he has released solo songs, OSTs, and SoundCloud tracks, but he has yet to release an album. Ahgases were eagerly awaiting as they wondered when the impressive singer would release his solo music. As an idol with one of the best voices in the business, Youngjae’s solo album “COLORS from Ars” is eagerly awaited.

Just days before the announcement, Bambam and Jay B announced that Youngjae would be the next member of GOT7 to play solo. We then made him meet the maknae (the youngest) line with different colored hair. And fans know that if a K-pop idol changes her hairstyle, it marks the start of a comeback. Well, now pink haired Youngjae is ready to release their first solo mini album ‘COLORS from Ars’. While the boys teased a comeback of GOT7 next year on September 29, fans will first see Youngjae go solo.

GOT7 Youngjae ‘COLORS From Ars’: birthday solo debut gift, blonde hairstyle gets fans excited

GOT7’s Youngjae releases ‘Colors from Ars’ teaser, pre-orders for mini album launch

Release date

Youngjae’s “COLORS from Ars” will be released on October 5 at 6 p.m. KST (5 a.m. ET).

Where to listen

It will be available on all music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


Youngjae teased fans with concept photos and touching teasers. He first announced his solo album with a moody black-and-white teaser that he released on his birthday as a gift for fans on hold. He then posted a series of pictures of himself in his new pink hair, wearing chic outfits, berets and embellished denim jackets. He also gives us rockstar vibes in leather jackets and hair back that we’ve never seen on comebacks with GOT7. And the Ahgas are excited.

Clip trailer

On September 29, the GOT7 member released his first video teaser for the song ‘Vibin’. While he has yet to release his tracklist for the mini album, ‘Vibin’ is the title track and Youngjae has been instrumental in making it happen. In the teaser, he is seen in a denim outfit in a barren countryside as he drives a blue 1985 Mercedes convertible with the GOT7 start date license plate. Full of house beats in the teaser, ‘Vibin’ is a dance-pop song with a catchy tune as Youngjae sings about falling for someone he shouldn’t.

Watch the teaser for the “Vibin” music video below.

“Versatile king”

Fans are going crazy for the teaser for the clip because they can’t wait for the album to come out. An Ahgase tweeted: “YOUNGJAE DRIVING IN ONE HAND DRIVES ME CRAZY BC I SEEN THIS BOY FAILED THE DRIVER EXAMINATION AS HE COULDN’T EVEN START A DAMN CAR AT THE TIME.” We also had an enthusiastic Jay B commenting on Youngjae’s Instagram, “Look at that jaw….” One fan made a meme, “Youngjae:” Can we just MOOOOOOVE. “Birds :. ‘ “This is the way we have no idea what kind of songs youngjae put together for the colors of ars because he can literally switch from genre to genre and it’s a bop every time. times ????? we love a versatile king, ”said one Ahgase.

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