Hot Brand thanks Dallas shoppers for saving it from COVID misery – Veronica Beard is even more in love with Texas


NOTEW YORK – Thank goodness for Texas. Veronica Beard’s co-founders and sisters-in-law Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard thank shoppers at the brand’s stores in Dallas and Houston for helping them through the pandemic.

“Truth be told, during the pandemic, Dallas was in the lead for us,” Miele Beard said PaperCity. “We have a store there and he transported us. Texas never really stopped. The way they see life is fascinating. God bless Dallas and Houston.

“The most amazing part is that the Dallas client is what kept our dream alive,” Swanson Beard said. “There’s still a heartbeat somewhere in Texas (during the pandemic) that was really, really exciting. We look forward to returning.

The duo will be coming to Dallas and Houston next month to meet with clients and showcase their new “Make It Happen” campaign that honors women who are making an impact in their communities nationwide. They will host a dinner party in Dallas on October 21 after the new campaign kicks off in New York City. (In addition to company-owned stores in Highland Park Village in Dallas and River Oaks District in Houston, the brand is available at independent boutiques, including Elizabeth Anthony in Houston.)

“It’s not 100% fashion,” says Swanson Beard. “It’s about the way of life, this way of thinking, this way of living. The whole principle is to bring together amazing women who make things happen so that they can network, meet and educate our community. We believe that a lot of magic can result from this. “

During an extensive interview, the duo spoke about their incredible bond with their customer, how they refined their product line during the pandemic, and the direction the popular brand is taking as it celebrates its 11th anniversary. year of activity.

River Oaks District














Founded in 2010, Veronica Beard hit the jackpot with the ever popular Dickey Jacket, a structured blazer that can be changed to any occasion with a removable dickey in a range of styles from hoodie to blouse. Since then, the brand has expanded into day and evening wear for active women who want to look chic and elegant without spending a fortune.

The pandemic has presented unique challenges to all designers, but Les Barbes thanks their loyal customers for helping them survive the tough times.

“Our client wants to do everything to make this happen. Even though we were all in quarantine, even though business was not what it was, our optimism (and the attitude that) this too will pass was with us all the time. We have kept this message alive with our client, ”said Swanson Beard.

Veronica Barbe adapts

In the beginning, the brand turned to more casual looks that customers were looking for with loungewear styles like appealing sweatpants and a cable-knit sweater, and significantly expanded its selection of jeans, which now represent 28% of total activity.

“Jeans don’t just mean denim bottoms, it means the whole category, t-shirts, tops, casual dresses, casual pantsuits,” Swanson Beard explains. “It all depends on the combination of how our client wears everything. We market the jeans with the collection. The wardrobe is all the ingredients, isn’t it? “

“We made insecurity,” says Miele Beard. “Veronica Beard is synonymous with highly designed, raised sweatpants and leather. And anything we do can be worn high / low and you don’t just get your typical pair of jeans. Our jeans are very detailed and designed. We have jeans that you can wear in the office.

“But beyond that, our brand as a message really resonates with our customer. Our client comes to us emotionally for clothes and we were all in the same boat and found out that we are this client who is lounging and quarantining himself. We were all sort of depressed and wanted to get dressed. I started dressing during the pandemic because I was so fed up with the flippancy and I think our client made the same effort. “

Veronica Beard Chiana Fair Isle sweater. (Photo courtesy of Veronica Beard)

The shoes, which Veronica Beard launched two years ago in conjunction with Caleres, doubled sales as women who might not choose a brand new outfit had a burst of joy over a new pair of shoes. . Top sellers included a luxurious version of a clog with a studded edging and stacked heel.

Now overall sales are back to pre-pandemic levels, with dresses and jackets selling well as customers venture further. “And we’re ramping up the pace due to the prevailing demand for special occasions, like embellished and over-the-top looks,” Swanson Beard said.

The fall collection, in store now, offers a wide range of styles, from tracksuits to sequined mini dresses

“Fall is our favorite collection to design because our signature piece is the Dickey Jacket, so we’re having a lot of fun with that in the fall,” Swanson Beard said. “We love the texture, the layering, the suits and the knits and the jeans, the velvet suit, it’s all really textured and super beautiful.

“The supply chain has been affected so much by COVID, stocks across the industry are really tight, so we’re just selling. It’s amazing. Women are turned on by heels, they want leather, they want dresses, it’s amazing how there is so much pent-up demand. It’s so much fun to feel that energy again. It’s a huge energy for fashion.

A New York moment

During New York Fashion Week, the duo presented their spring 2022 collection in their studio in front of a small audience of fashion reporters and influencers. They turned the space into a flowery studio to showcase their equally colorful looks for next spring. Styles range from peach-toned dresses and suits to sequined striped evening dresses.

Veronica Beard Spring / Summer '22 Collection
From Veronica Beard’s Spring / Summer 22 collection: printed dress, denim bomber jacket with gathered sleeves, woven leather wedge heels. (Photo courtesy of Veronica Beard)

“We have lots of interesting interpretations of suits and jeans,” says Swanson Beard. “It’s colorful. We have a lot of new jacket silhouettes. As you know the jacket and Dickey are our cornerstone and we have had different variations of the evolution of the jacket. We have an amazing red leather pencil skirt.

“Red is a huge Dallas color by the way, and the matching red leather bomber jacket is my favorite piece.”

“We call our clothes effortless, but it’s really a lot of effort to look effortless and that’s our client,” says Miele Beard. “And we think we’re very carefully designed. We’re thinking of the clutter-free layering and how she would wear that at night and again during the day. And what’s fun about fashion.

“We are optimistic,” agrees Swanson Beard. “I think (the pandemic) made us stronger and also made us even more customer-conscious. We have always had an empathetic and intuitive relationship with our client.

“Having lived the past 18 months has brought us even closer. We are excited about the future. I think there is a lot to come.


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