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Increase your carrying capacity and put more in your pockets by increasing inventory size in New World.

Any game that has storage limitations will inevitably lead players to looking to increase their inventory size, and New World is no different. Fortunately, you won’t have to wait long to be able to increase your carrying capacity, expand your pockets, craft new carry bags, and start being able to carry more stuff. There are also ways to increase storage capacity in cities, another way to maximize your inventory.

Increase inventory size (carrying capacity and weight)

new global inventory size coarse leather bag
The coarse leather bag will increase the size of your inventory by 100 points, allowing you to carry more items.

Players can increase the size of their inventory in New World by crafting bags at the Outfitting Station. One of the first bags you can craft is the Coarse Leather Bag at level 10. The next two can be unlocked at levels 30 and 45. They will all increase your carrying capacity, which will help you avoid clutter.

To craft a Coarse Leather Bag, which will increase the size of your inventory by 100 points, use the following items at an Outfitter:

  • 45x coarse leather
  • 25x Linen
  • 10x iron ingots
  • 1x Rune of Minor Possession

The Minor Possession Rune can be purchased from the faction of your choice. You need to align with a faction first and then complete quests for them to earn faction tokens. The minor possession rune costs 1,000 faction tokens and 250 gold.

minor rune of new world outfit
The Minor Possession Rune is one item you need to build a larger inventory.

Coarse Leather is crafted in a Tannery using 4x Rawhide, a resource acquired by skinning animals such as wild boars. You will need 180 Rawhides to craft the necessary amount of leather.

Linen is made using 4 fibers on a loom. You can acquire fiber by harvesting hemp, which will also allow you to craft a fishing rod so you can fish. This means that you need at least 96 fibers to make enough flax.

Iron Ingots are created from 4x Iron Ore using a smelter. Each colony will have a foundry by other vendors, such as the smithy, carpentry shop, and stonecutting table. If you have followed the main quest, you should know how to use the forge.

How to increase storage size

new world increases storage size
Increase standing with your territory to gradually increase your storage size.

The other thing that you will want to increase in New World is storage size. This storage system allows you to empty the goods that you do not need on the go. This is also useful because you can use vendors in a colony without carrying supplies in your pockets – workstations will remove resources from storage.

To increase your storage capacity, you will need to increase your notoriety with the territory. You will have the option to increase your storage by a certain percentage or you can choose one of the other perks.

Increasing inventory size in New World will allow you to carry more items. This is made possible by the manufacture of new bags, each of which increases your size limits by a set amount. There is also the option to upgrade your storage in each colony, freeing up space in your pockets. Stop by the Shacknews New World page for more tips and guides.

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