Welcome to Miu Miu’s Midriff-Baring, Micro Mini Wearing Hot Girl Summer

PARIS, FRANCE – OCTOBER 05: A model walks the runway for the Miu Miu Womenswear Spring / Summer 2022 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on October 5, 2021 in Paris, France. (Photo by Estrop / Getty Images)

The last day of the Paris Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2022 season began in the rain as attendees hailed taxis to Chanel for a 10 a.m. departure. But by the afternoon, the skies had cleared and the mood had improved, just in time for Miu Miu’s always fun and playful show at 2 p.m. In collaboration with Moroccan artist Meriem Bennani, Miu Miu “interrupted rather than transformed” the interior of the Palais d’Iena, which hosted its first podium presentation in 18 months. Bennani set up binocular-shaped screens to slice up the space to show his films, as a white-lit track made its way. Online, thousands of people watched the live broadcast, interspersed with snippets of fake front row audience reactions and clips of Bennani, including a Brazilian elevator skit that aired before the models participated. to the final.

Prada is now co-creatively led by Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons. But Miu Miu’s founder, who named the house after the nickname her close friends and family have called her since she was a child, kept her baby close to him. People often refer to Miu Miu as being a younger brand than Prada, but more and more this division has not been linked to age, but to mentality. On Instagram, Miu Miu’s bio aptly reads, “Girl with a Heart,” and in recent years the house has attracted fresh and interesting celebrities such as Elle Fanning, Emma Corrin and Em Emhoff.

While the collections from both houses have some similarities (if you love Prada, you probably love Miu Miu, and vice versa), they still manage to be consistently unique in their offerings. On the Prada catwalk in Milan just over a week ago, the mini skirts were in many colors like pink, green, orange and yellow. But at Miu Miu, those skirts were low-rise pleated mini-mini. And rather than paired with long-sleeved turtlenecks, they’ve been paired with micro-cropped tops, showing models’ bare tummies from their size to their bra line.

The runway opened with a model wearing beige low rise dress pants and a sweater, giving us a taste of what was to come: lots of neutral colors in tan, tan, and gray, and lots of low rise in form of pants, skirts and shorts. If there’s one thing girl Miu Miu needs next season, it’s a good reformer Pilates studio to tone their soon-to-be-exposed tummy that would make even a young Britney blush.

The influx of low rise, often revealing the waistband of the brand’s logo briefs, was typically paired with micro-jackets and short shirts that ended just below the bra line. One model was simply wearing a black bra.

Miu Miu is known for her fun and flirty nature and pops of color come in the form of a dress embellished with lime green cocktail crystals and light blue mini dresses in the same design (most perfect, the Miu girl Miu leaves her socks on even when going to party).

There were leather ties everywhere, including jackets paired with leather mini skirts (low rise, but of course). Next, for the sparkles: beaded floral designs on dark gray dresses and silk skirt and shirt jumpsuits, ornate suits and oversized flower-adorned sweaters.

As they made their way through the maze on the illuminated runway, the models wore school-like black moccasins with gray high socks or kitten heels, reminiscent of back to school or the office , as most people soon are. to be leader. Some held black bags with crystal-embellished handles, a nod to the current trend of String Tings phones and on the shimmering top accessories, while others held oversized leather bags under their arms.

Less than half an hour after the Miu Miu show ended, the sky opened again and it turned gray again for the rest of the day. But at least there were still some Miccuia-infused sparks left in our minds to help us get through.

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