Campus Catalog: Filip Roth Trønnes-Christensen


How would you describe your style?

I wear any type of fashion that looks good on me. My favorite type of fashion is dark clothes and technical clothes – so street clothes that seem to have a function but don’t have a function or street clothes that have a function.

Was it always like that?

I had no sense of fashion; I didn’t care about fashion until about two years ago. I went to Japan for a language study trip of a few weeks. According to my friends, the person who returned was not the same who left.

Was it in terms of style or in general?

Well, in general. I was very introverted, then I came back, and I was very outgoing. I also think my style has changed because Japan, Korea and Los Angeles are hot spots for fashion. You can see a bunch of different people wearing different styles. I wanted to take this with me, and here I am now.

Has coming to the United States changed your style again?

Not yet, but people are more fashionable in a way. In Norway, you see 17 different people wearing some variation of the same outfit. In America there is a wider range of people who wear experimental fashion. Technical clothing was not a big

thing back in Norway – here you see people wearing that or dark clothes.

Tell me more about your shoes – they’re painted, right?

Yes. I’m not at all creative unless it’s fashion. A friend of mine said to me, “Ey, yo, I wanna paint my own shoes, wanna join?” So we both went out and bought a pair of white Air Force 1s and these markers that are specifically

made for drawing on leather. We spent seven, eight, nine hours designing our own shoes. I was even more into Japanese pop culture at the time, so mine is inspired by Dragonball. Red says Goku; blue says Vegeta.

I see you paint your nails too.

My dad painted his nails when he was younger because he’s a rock star, and when I started to love fashion I thought it was cool. For Halloween just before the pandemic, the girls in my class put makeup on me, eye shadow, eyeliner, all that, and painted my nails. I thought to myself: “Sounds pretty good!” So I continued to paint my nails black. Then about a year ago I bought some purple and blue, and now I bought a top and a base coat – it’s fun!

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

For the rest of my life? Probably those shoes with – I don’t own these pants – off-white parachute pants and an aesthetic white t-shirt, that red Supreme hoodie and my necklaces, rings and nails painted black.

Are you slow to prepare?

I used to put on jeans and a hooded jacket back in the days when I didn’t have a fashion sense. I would still say I’ll get ready in about five minutes. It’s just that I think more about what goes well together. I put it on, and if I think it looks good, I go out. If it doesn’t look good, I try to swap it with other parts and roll with it.

What is fashion for you?

More people should care about fashion even if you don’t like it. If you shower every day, have a little skincare routine, dress in clothes that look good on you, you’ll be happy. You will feel good about yourself. That’s not a

necessity in life as are food and water, but that’s a good thing.


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