Coach to stop cutting back on unsold merchandise, in response to Dumpster Diver’s TikTok


TikTok’s Dumpster Diving Corner is certainly fun – and a recent TikTok about Coach cut bags found in dumpsters has gone so viral it actually prompted Coach to commit to quitting the unnecessary practice. destroy unsold goods. Stores usually do this rather than giving discounts or giving away unsold items, either because they just don’t have the space to keep them on store shelves or, especially in the case of brands. famous, in order to keep their products inaccessible to people who cannot afford them. full price.

A dumpster diver called Coach for cutting up unsold bags.

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Anna Sacks, better known as The trash walker, is a New York-based activist and content creator. She often shares items she finds while diving in a dumpster, and these videos are always both entertaining and ghastly. Watching companies throw away and destroy perfectly good products, from food to luxury goods, is unacceptable in a world where so many people are in need.

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But in a TikTok released on October 9, which has 2.5 million views five days later, Sacks shared her first “unboxing,” which was a collection of Coach leather handbags and shoes that she had purchased from Mom dumpster diving. “As you can see they’re all cut, which is Coach’s policy,” Sacks said on camera, pointing to item after item, each having been sliced, rendering them all unusable.

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“That’s what they do with junk cargo. They order an employee to cut it deliberately so that no one can use it, ”she continues in the video. “And then they write it off as a tax deduction, under the same tax loophole as if it were accidentally destroyed.”

In a follow-up Instagram post, Sacks likens the practice to tax evasion or burning his own home to claim the insurance money. She asks the IRS and the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate companies that do.

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In the TikTok, Sacks goes on to note that Coach has various sustainability claims on their website, and that the luxury brand even has a Coach bag repair program. “Don’t throw it away, fix it – it’s another little thing we can do to keep the bags out of the landfill and reduce our impact on the planet,” the Coach website read.

As part of the repair program, customers can have their bags repaired by visiting any Coach store. Sacks says she intends to do so, to see if employees will fix these items the company has apparently destroyed.

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Coach has promised to stop destroying the damaged goods.

Days after Sacks’ video went viral, The coach did respond – and said the company has “now stopped destroying returns to stores of damaged and unsaleable merchandise,” according to an October 12 Instagram post. Instead, Coach says he now plans to reuse unsold merchandise as part of his circularity programs, such as Coach (re) loved, which sells vintage Coach parts.

“We are always striving to do better and we are committed to lead with determination and to live up to our responsibility as a global fashion brand to bring real and lasting change to our industry,” the post added.

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While it’s hard to see if Coach keeps his promises, it’s pretty amazing that a viral video actually inspired a company as large as Coach to react and, more importantly, to take action. So keep diving TikToks, kids and trash cans responsibly.


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