Tio prefers to walk all in leather and it’s Mr. Skin: We’re not scary


Leather pants, tie or boots: Teo Lillifeld, 50, from Den Bosch, wears them with pride. And his leather fetish has earned him an impressive award. He could be called mr. It is called Cuir Hollande. “Incredibly cool!”

“I wasn’t expecting that,” Teo said, still so loud. Last weekend he won the title at Leather Pride Amsterdam. However, his mission to win the award has yet to be fulfilled. “Now I’m just getting started. I want to show my face everywhere.

According to skin fans, there is still a world to be won. “Men in skin are neither intimidating nor weird. He’s still seen as dark or a little dirty ”and he wants to get rid of that stigma. “It’s really nice to wear leather. It’s an important part of the fetish and gay community.

According to him, most parties in the fetish and leather world are still in Randstad. Even guys with a soft “G” sometimes want to go to such a party near the house. This is why organizing meetings is an important goal for Mr. Leather. “It’s great to bring apprentices to Brabant,” says Teo.

After years of saving, Tio has a “nice closet full of things.” Sexy jackets, T-shirts, belts and hats: enthusiasts have it all. “It’s not cheap. You can easily lose 500 euros for plain leather pants, ”he knows. He’s already spent thousands of dollars on his clothes.

Leather is mainly worn in gatherings. However, sometimes he goes to the supermarket with a whole skin on. “It should also be present in the street scene. Even the leader from Nova Scotia had a clear idea of ​​his business. Although he was simply dressed in NS clothes for work, he was dressed entirely in leather on a huge poster at Amsterdam Central Station.

Teo’s passion began when he inherited his brother’s shoes and a leather jacket. Everything was really in place when he visited the Darklands of Belgium, one of the biggest pagan festivals in the world. “I was at home! It doesn’t matter if you are fat, fat, short or whatever. You are one of them!

the master. The Dutch leather elections have been held in Amsterdam since 1995. With few interruptions, a new ambassador is elected each year. It’s not about beauty, it’s about what you do in society. It is part of the Amsterdam Leather Pride. “I am so proud to be an actor!”

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