9 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s most iconic fashion moments


Fashion did not play a major role in Buffy the vampire slayer, and yet, this is arguably one of the most stylish shows of the late 90s and early 2000s. The wardrobe mixed 90s grunge fashion with fun baby t-shirts, the mini skirts, colorful flares and obsessive accessories of the new decade. Now, as the series becomes popular again amid a Y2K cultural renaissance, cute vampy styles are inspiring new generations with Buffy-style looks taking over TikTok and nostalgic Instagram accounts popping up with names. like @buffytheoutfitslayer and @buffyfashion.

Hired at the start of season two to style a newly resurrected Buffy, Scream Costume designer Cynthia Bergstrom has revamped the vintage girly style of the series. The result is Buffy and Faith’s lines of leather pants and trench coat, Cordelia’s crisp preppy style, and Willow’s campy, kitschy looks turned earthy and witchy. Below we note the times when Buffy and the Scooby Gang killed stares while killing vampires.

Preview of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1 Episode 1

Buffy’s First Day Outfit at School

Everyone knows your first impression at a new school is key and Buffy made her a killer. She walked the halls of Sunnydale High in a burgundy mini skirt, a white strappy waistcoat topped with a cute cropped baby blue cardigan and finished with a pair of knee-high boots and an adorable barrette pushing back her blonde curls. Beach. It was the perfect look for a girl who was hoping to make a fresh start after burning down her entire gym at her previous school. Giving a strong Bratz doll vibe, the set still stands today, with Buffy’s fashion fans on TikTok recreating the look.

Buffy walks through the doors of the school hallway wearing a

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 1, Episode 9

Buffy’s leopard print dress

That same year, Alexander McQueen took over London’s Borough Market with his dark animal show “It’s a Jungle Out There”, Buffy Summers sported her own leopard print look as she battled the forces of darkness – this time a supermodel malevolent ventriloquist (those early season monsters were savage). Pairing the print dress with a leather coat and tall boots, this particularly fun set had to be on the moodboard for Cheetah girls six years later.

Willow walks down the school stairwell in a pink sweater with a waist chain printed along the collar and butterfly, flower, smiley and LOVE patches to the front.  She also has a black backpack.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, Episode 9

Willow’s pretty pink sweater

The first seasons of Buffy had her BFF Willow in what can only be described as chic kindergarten. With bunches and braids, overalls in primary colors and rainbow striped t-shirts, her fashion sometimes gave off a Chucky energy, but they also represented her silly and sweetly innocent pre-witch vibes. Of all her high school outfits, the fan favorite is her big chewing gum pink sweater from the season three episode “Doppelgangland”. With a garland print around the sleeves and neckline and kitschy patches of butterflies, flowers and smileys randomly placed across the front, the look was the perfect antithesis of Willow’s leather-corseted double vampire. The sweater is still so popular in fact that when Hot Topic recreated the look, it wore off completely.

Cordelia stands in the busy hallway wearing a tartan skirt, a salmon tank top and a salmon sweater over her shoulders.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, Episode 21

Cordelia’s preppy chic

Whether Expensive in Distraught, Britney in Baby one more time or Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl, preppy was the style of all our favorite It Girls y2k. Sunnydale High’s queen bee Cordelia Chase was no exception, and her daily wardrobe of plaid skirts, oversized collars and sweaters draped over her shoulders and tied around her neck, all screaming “My daddy owns your tone.” dad “. Though her style changed a bit when she went from an obsessed cheerleader to a detective fighting supernatural force on the spinoff show. angel, this icon has never appeared anywhere with less than 110%. If she was in high school today, we can guarantee that she would storm the halls of Miu Miu SS22.

Buffy’s Spring Dress

How many of us can look back and say we really like what we wore at our dance school? Well, Buffy Summers can. While the rest of us chose ill-fitting suits and dresses whose color coordinated our straps, Buffy gave the sleek white evening dress (a gift from her mother for the Spring Fling) a Gothic twist with a leather jacket, his oversized crucifix collar and a giant crossbow with which to stake a few vampires along the way. We can’t think of a better look to fatally die before being resurrected. Jesus could never.

Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles look at a map plan in the school library.  Willow wears a red velvet dress with an astrological print on the front and sleeves.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, Episode 19

Willow’s Astrology Dress

As Willow began to explore her Wicca skills, her fashion sense also began to change. Flowing long sleeves, bohemian long skirts and cropped hair have replaced the cutesy fashions of its past. In the episode “Choices” at the end of season three, Willow uses her magic to fight Faith’s betrayal of the Scooby Gang and in turn decides to stay in Sunnydale after high school so that she can continue her evolution. of witchcraft. This vintage-style velvet astrology dress, adorned with stars and a zodiac circle and paired with a fun charm necklace, foreshadowed the incredibly powerful witch she was quickly becoming.

Buffy is sitting on her porch while Spike comforts her.  Both are wearing all black.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5, Episode 7

Spike is all black

Originally intended as a brief antagonist for Buffy, Spike quickly became a fan favorite and, as a result, an antihero and romantic interest in the rest of the world. Buffy the vampire slayerthe mandate and its consequences angel. With his peroxide blonde hair, razor-sharp jawbone, all-black clothes, black nail polish, and trench coats stolen from slain killers, the character has become a sex symbol for young punk fans and has often been compared to the rockstar. English Billy Idol.

Cordelia in the halls of the school wearing a mahogany dress, a mahogany jacket and carrying books.

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, Episode 9

Cordelia’s revenge robe

Four years after Princess Diana invented the garment of revenge when her sultry LBD hit the headlines the same night a documentary about Prince Charles aired, Cordelia had her own moment. After her boyfriend Alex and her best friend Willow kissed in season three, Cordelia showed the world she wasn’t heartbroken, stepping out of her car in the school parking lot into a long legged mahogany dress accessorized with a sleek leather jacket and matching lipstick and heels. to start. Few people could look so beautiful in shades of brown, and it paved the way for her return to queen bee status. Yes, her revenge, with the help of the demon Anya, rewrites history so that Buffy never moved to Sunnydale, which led to the town being overrun by vampires as well as her own temporary disappearance; but damn it, at least she looked fierce doing it.

Faith wears a burgundy top, leather pants and combat boots as she lies on the bed

From Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3, Episode 15

Everyone’s leather pants, but especially Faith’s

If there is one item of clothing Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be remembered as truly pioneering, it is leather pants. A staple for slayers and vampires, the stylish choice of clothing has appeared throughout the series, from Buffy’s iconic blood-red pair to the many black outfits worn by Spike. It was bad girl killer Faith who really rocked the style most naturally (and perhaps inspired the author of this article to buy her own pair). The grungy ’90s style of dark leather pants with Faith’s black crop tops, denim jackets and vampy lipstick always looked effortlessly cool, even though they probably weren’t the best choice. outfit for the cemetery fights with Buffy and the city’s defense against vampires.

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