The most popular eco-friendly flooring options

Are you looking for eco-friendly flooring options? You are not the only one feeling this! If you are like us, your ideal flooring is not only sturdy and beautiful, it is also environmentally friendly and durable.

Finding the right eco-friendly products for floor decoration has never been easier!

Perhaps you are looking for a locker room floor that will not pollute the environment. Perhaps you are looking for the most environmentally friendly parquet for your pets.

Maybe you are fantasizing about a veranda floor that keeps the sun shining on a greener tomorrow. Whatever the case, we’re here to help.


Cork is a relatively new flooring material. Usually seen on walls or in your favorite wine bottle, but it’s also a great flooring material. Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree. Cork flooring can last 10 to 30 years, depending on the quality. For expert floor solutions, from sanding floors to natural coating, we recommend a company called “Floor”, based in Brisbane.

Trees are not felled to harvest the bark since it grows back every three years, making it a long-term source. It contains antimicrobial characteristics that help minimize allergens in the home, is fire resistant, easy to clean, and works as a natural insect repellant.

Cork, like wood, can be painted or stained in many colors and styles to match any color scheme or design style. Due to its longevity, it can be used in any room of the house.

Bamboo flooring

Another wood-like choice that is gaining popularity in Brisbane is bamboo flooring. It is grass with qualities close to hardwood. It is durable, simple to maintain and simple to install. Bamboo is a sustainable product made from natural flora that matures in three to five years, compared to the twenty years it takes for trees to grow.

Although bamboo is usually light in color, it comes in different hues to complement any location or decor. Its varied grains and wide range of colors give it an advantage over traditional floor coverings by allowing customization not found in other types of floor coverings.

Glass tiles

Have you ever wondered what happens to bottles of wine and beer sent to a recycler? They have been transformed into beautiful glass tiles. As flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, this renewable resource is gaining more and more popularity.

Glass, like other environmentally friendly materials, has many advantages. It is not absorbent so it will not mold in humid environments. It is easy to clean and will not stain your clothes.

Glass is available in an almost endless variety of colors, patterns and finishes, making it suitable for virtually any design concept. The mirror, unlike ceramic tile, will reflect rather than absorb light, providing that extra layer of light that some interiors need.


When people think of linoleum flooring, they usually think of vinyl, although the two are not the same. Vinyl is a hazardous substance made from chlorinated petrochemicals. Cork dust, linseed oil, wood flour, pigments, crushed limestone and tree resins are used to make linoleum. It is fire and water resistant, just like a cork stopper.

Linoleum was a common product on the market before the 1940s; it was phased out afterwards when vinyl was released. When builders and designers in Brisbane started asking for it again, it resurfaced with a wide range of bright, shiny colors and a new sealant to protect it from stains. It can tolerate a lot of damage and has a long shelf life.

Wool rugs

The rug has long been a popular choice for most homeowners. It is soft to walk on, plush to sit on and available in different colors and designs. Unfortunately, most rugs are made with chemicals or volatile organic compounds that harm the environment and our health.

There are, however, eco-friendly options available in Brisbane. Wool rugs are a good example. Wool is a natural resource that can be spun into a yarn and dyed any color before it is woven into a rug. It was one of the first materials to be used as a floor covering, and it is very durable, being able to last for hundreds of years.


Waxed concrete is an unusual but increasingly popular durable material. In some residential settings, concrete is often a slab on the ground and used as a sub-floor. It does not need to be covered with standard flooring if it is polished and colored to the owner’s taste.

The design possibilities are limitless, from creating a tile print with different colors to inlaying other materials such as glass. Concrete is incredibly durable, easy to clean, and requires no maintenance.

Berber in polyester

Berber polyester is another option for a durable rug. It is created from recycled plastic bottles and has a low environmental impact.

Each plastic bottle used to make this mat is one less that will end up in our landfills.

This recyclable material has several advantages. It is durable, splash resistant and is available in a range of attractive colors and designs. Its speckled appearance makes it suitable for a wide range of color palettes.

There are other drawbacks. Berberis is easily hooked, and if it is not repaired quickly, it will collapse. In your bare feet, the recycled material can be a bit rough.


Rubber flooring created from recycled tires is commonly found in gyms and playgrounds in Brisbane. As a versatile, stylish and durable alternative, it is gradually making its way into kitchens, verandas and bathrooms. It is comfortable to walk on and water resistant. It is also available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Use reclaimed wood

Traditional hardwood floors, while not generally considered environmentally friendly due to deforestation concerns, can still be a choice if you have your heart in it. There are two different kinds of hardwood to consider. Reclaimed wood is good because it recycles old wood from trees that were felled decades ago. In older homes or beach cabins, reclaimed wood flooring can look gorgeous.

The other alternative is to buy hardwood that has been certified by the Forest Counsel of many states around the world. The Forest Council has awarded this certification to organizations that promote responsible forest management around the world while adhering to high social and environmental criteria.


Leather is an unusual material that can be used as a flooring option. It is made from the thickest part of cowhide and is wider than the leather pieces used for belts, handbags and wallets. It is ideal for closets, bedrooms and other small spaces with less foot traffic, as it provides a warm and soft feeling underfoot.

However, it is not the best choice for kitchens, bathrooms, or other damp areas of the house. It is quite durable and will last a long time. Leather that has been scuffed, worn and weathered takes on a personality of its own and can be gorgeous to look at for years to come.

Reclaimed hardwood

Speaking of hardwood floors, we recommend that you look beyond new materials and reclaimed wood if you are looking for the best hardwood floors for your home.

By definition, reclaimed hardwood is an environmentally beneficial flooring option in Brisbane because it is essentially a recycled product!

Consider the huge environmental impact of removing trees and turning them into flooring. As a result, reclaimed hardwood avoids this process and reduces the environmental impact on your floors.

Softwoods such as pine and other softwoods

Softwood flooring, like pine and Douglas fir, can survive for decades if properly maintained. This is not why we believe that pine parquet is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring solutions available.

Pine is a sturdy and tenacious tree that proliferates much faster than hardwoods like oak or walnut. Plus, since pine trees are readily available locally in Brisbane, you won’t have to worry about the environmental impact of transporting your floors halfway around the world.

Softwoods are not only environmentally friendly; they are also durable.

Softwoods may not be the most scratch-resistant wood flooring, but their softness makes them relatively easy to restore.

Final thoughts

Fortunately, with today’s technology and a little innovation, eco-friendly flooring doesn’t have to be boring. Smart consumers can have both.

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