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Provided by Skip Owens

There is nothing worse than saving for a product that you are truly passionate about to get that item damaged. Or worse yet… being so concerned about damaging said item that you end up not using it in all the situations you want. This is where the AirPods Max Shield Case by Waterfield Between.

What is the AirPods Max Shield case?

The AirPods Max Shield case is a portable yet protective case for your Apple AirPods Max headphones. Yes, Apple AirPods Max headphones come with a case, but this case is far from protective and at least in my opinion it is not the most attractive case. Waterfield, rather than just working their design magic and throwing a case, decided to look to the community as they have done on some of their other product designs in the past. They received over 1,200 responses and made sure to incorporate those requested ideas and features into the design of this new AirPods Max case.


  • Magnetic butterfly that puts AirPods Max in low power mode
  • In case of load
  • Three layers of protection
  • Soft-slip waterproof zippers help protect against the elements
  • Ultra-plush lining lined with extra soft foam prevents scratches
  • Nylon top loop makes it easy to grab or hook a carabiner
  • Inside pocket contains power pack
  • Exterior rear stretch mesh pocket for accessories
  • Zippered padded exterior pocket
  • Optional attachments to carry the AirPods Max Shield case with a carabiner or wrist loop
  • Can be used with or without the Apple case provided by Apple
  • Waterproof zippers


  • Materials:
    • 1050 denier black ballistic nylon or heavy-duty waxed canvas

    • Water-resistant, twill-weave Forza fabric

    • Four colors of full grain leather panels

  • Size: 9.50 “(w) (at widest point) x 2.25” (w) x 9 “(h)
  • Weight: Ballistic: 11 oz, Canvas: 14 oz, Forza: 11 oz
The dimensions of the AirPods Max Shield case are shown on the left and the custom zipper pulls and charging in case feature are shown on the right (image to the left of and image to the right of Skip Owens)

I have to mention one more thing about the design features of this case and it might sound a bit odd to focus, but listen to me. As soon as I received my case in the mail I opened it and handed it to my wife and she immediately commented on how much she liked the zippers. These are not your standard zipper pullers, but Waterfield custom made pull tabs. I have several Waterfield products and none of them have these custom zipper pullers so I asked about them. Waterfield explained to me that they designed the shape and appearance themselves. The slanted corner is reminiscent of the angles of their bags (e.g. AirPorter, Air Duffel, Staad Attaché, and Leather Messenger leather flaps). The main intention of the design was for them to be ‘lockable’ – the holes can be stacked on top of each other so that you can slide a TSA lock into them for added security.

What I really like about them is their unique shape and the fact that the area to grip them is larger than a standard pull. It might seem like a very minor design feature, but when a business takes the time to do the little things right and the customization does something that’s a lot easier and cheaper to order from someone else, this is a good indicator that they are putting that kind of effort into the rest of the product as well.

How I used the AirPods Max Shield case

Like many people, I’ve been working almost exclusively from home lately, but I move from place to place around the house. So I used the case to leave my headphones while I’m not using them so that they can be left near me when I use them. Protection is important because we have a dog. Our dog is really good at not looking for things that are not his toys, but he plays pretty rough and bumps into things. I love that I can leave my AirPods Max in the Shield case and know that it could drop them off a chair or table or even step on the case and my headphones will be perfectly protected.

Bonus Feature: The in-case charging design allows me to keep my AiPods Max in the Shield case while charging them. This is useful with the dog as well as when the postman visits our neighborhood he has to walk through the house and rush to our bedroom window to defend the honor of our house. Unfortunately our window is right next to the optimal place to plug in and charge my AirPods Max and it knocked them over from their charging slot a few times. Now I don’t have to worry about them accidentally getting damaged by his postman defense antics. Another of the design features that I have come to appreciate is the nylon top buckle. When my day’s work is over, I store my laptop out of the way on hooks in our room (in a Waterfield Bolt backpack of course). So with the nylon loop built into the Shield case, I can hang the case directly from a hook for easy access / grabbing and leave during non-working hours.

The nylon loop at the top of the case makes it easy to hold the Shield case up and out of the way, but easy to grab when needed (Image by Skip Owens)

My other use case is for travel. Although I am not going to work, I have traveled an insane amount this past year. AirPods Max are great to use on an airplane, but then you worry about damaging them if they’re not physically on your head. The Shield case does a great job of keeping them safe when not in use on an airplane, but the design of the case also solves another problem I have of taking AirPods Max on an airplane with it. me. I like to travel as light as possible and usually only take one bag (an all-in-one backpack) when I travel by plane. But because AirPods Max are so big, I don’t always have room to store them in my only backpack. I usually carry my iPad in some sort of small case or bag on the plane, but it certainly doesn’t have room to store let alone protect AirPods Max. This is where the expandable mesh outer back pocket of the Shield case comes in. My go-to iPad these days is an iPad mini and the iPad mini fits nicely (with a thin or bare case) Directly into the exterior stretch mesh back pocket of the Shield case. So now the Shield case serves as both a protective case for my AirPods Max and a small carrying case for my iPad mini and the portable kickstand that I use to prop up the mini while watching movies.

When traveling on a plane, the AirPods Max Shield case has the capacity to store my iPad mini, a small stand, and the Apple pencil (Images by Skip Owens)


As with any product, there are advantages and disadvantages …


  • Superior padding and protection
  • Flexibility of use with or without the Apple case
  • Protection while charging with charging in the case
  • Several storage options for accessories

The inconvenients:

  • Bigger case than Apple case
  • Additional cost in addition to the case which is already free with the helmet

Not everyone who has a pair of AirPods Max headphones really needs a case. Maybe you use them almost exclusively at home and don’t have a dog that is too excited about the mailman. In that case, leaving them on your desk or getting a simple desk stand may be all you need. But if you want the added protection and storage versatility that come with a quality case, the Waterfield AirPods Max Shield case should be at the top of your list to consider.

After using this case for a while, I can say that the case exceeded my expectations and allowed me to use my AirPods Max headphones more comfortably in more situations than I would have without this genre. of case to accompany them. Like other Waterfield products that I have reviewed in the past, the build quality and attention to detail in the AirPods Max Shield case is phenomenal. You get what you pay for with Waterfield products and this is no exception.

The Waterfield AirPods Max Shield Case is available now on between $ 89 and $ 99 and is available in multiple colors in leather + waxed canvas, leather + ballistic nylon or in a twill woven Forza fabric suitable for vegans.

Disclaimer: I received a discount on the AirPods Max Shield case for the purpose of this review, but WaterField had no influence on the content of the review.

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