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The merry downtown merchants saw strong sales in stores on Black Friday and were eagerly awaiting even more business today.

“It’s just a beautiful day” said Debbie Kinley, co-owner of ER Kinley & Sons Jewelers, 131 W. Fourth St., Williamsport. “We’ve been busy since we opened today.

Kinley noted that the windy weather in November did not stop people from venturing downtown to shop.

“We have seen fathers and their daughters” she said. “Lots of families have come from out of town.”

People, she said, just seem to be happy shopping.

Telephone orders also occupied the staff.

Kinley said the store does not have any promotions other than “Our usual good service.”

Karen Ciccarelli, of The Clothier, said her store was also busy.

“Black Friday is good for us” she said.

People were outside the store waiting for it to open at 10 a.m., she added.

Customers could take advantage of reduced prices on merchandise such as sweaters, leather jackets and athletic coats, she noted.

She was looking forward to more clients today for Small Business Saturday.

“It’s very busy this morning” Becky Marshall, of Patinaz, 38 W. Fourth St., Williamsport, said of Black Friday. “We had people at the door before we opened. They were waiting for us.

While there are some special holiday deals on offer to shoppers, it’s the boutique’s unique, locally hand-made gifts that attract many shoppers, according to Marshall.

“This is the store that has something for everyone,” she said.

Jen Parks, owner of Avu Goldsmith, 246 Church St., Williamsport, said her business was doing well on Friday.

“The holiday season is the busiest time of the year” she said. “Holidays are always a pleasure for us.

Parks said it’s always nice this time of year to connect with customers she wouldn’t otherwise see.

“We had a holiday open house last weekend. It went very well for us ”, she said. “At this time of year, we just have regular traffic. “

A long line of customers waited patiently at Kohl’s checkout early Friday afternoon.

Lock Haven’s Keshia Conway said that despite the crowds that normally throng department stores or big box stores, she goes out to shop on Black Friday every year to take advantage of merchandise discounts.

“I’m not a Cyber ​​Monday girl,” she said laughing.

Signs proclaiming “Great deal” and “Black Friday Offer” were posted everywhere at Kohl’s.

Marshall said Patinaz had a special offer for small businesses on Saturday.

“If you buy something, you enter a raffle for a special gift of $ 100” she said.

At Le Chocolat, 420 Pine St., Williamsport, there are no special discounts.

That’s because candy products and gift items sell themselves, according to store owners Bernie and Bonnie Katz.

“We are very busy” said Bonnie. “Business is going well this year.

Local residents and tourists were also at the store to shop on Friday.

Bernie said he expects business to be even better today for Small Business on Saturday.

Customers could be found browsing the shelves of the Otto Bookstore, 107 W. Fourth St., Williamsport.

“Things are going well,” Andrew Brum, said. “It’s been a good day so far.

Brum said Black Friday attracts its share of shoppers looking for gifts for friends and family every year.

Fictional titles, he said, always seem to be selling well this time of year.

Among the store’s most popular books this season is the novel, “Wish you were Here” by Jodi Picoult.

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