Aaaaay! Henry Winkler Auctiones Iconic ‘Happy Days’ Jacket and Motorcycle – WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio

LOS ANGELES – The Fonz wants you to sit on it – his motorbike.

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Henry Winkler, known for his portrayal of Fonzie on the 1970s sitcom “Happy Days”, is auctioning off his collection from the beloved TV show, including his 1949 Triumph Trophy 500 motorcycle and brown leather jacket.

The auction will take place in Bonhams Los Angeles on Wednesday and proceeds will go to the nonprofit, This is About Humanity, KCBS reported. The organization was co-founded by the actor’s daughter, Zoe Winkler, the TV station reported. The group helps care for children separated from their parents on the US-Mexico border.

The leather jacket will be sold as part of a Fonzie Complete Outfit, which includes a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and biker boots, according to The Hollywood Reporter. They are part of the Henry Winkler collection of 26 lots, which is included in the TCM sale of Bonhams.

Henry Winkler, 76, actually had two original Fonzie leather jackets at home, but he keeps one, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Henry Winkler made Arthur Fonzarelli an iconic character in “Happy Days”, but he also had memorable roles in “The Waterboy”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Numb3rs” and “Barry”.

During the pandemic, the actor discovered 27 boxes filled with mementos spanning his four-decade career, KCBS reported.

“Two hundred T-shirts that go back 40 years of every show I’ve produced, directed, performed, every talk show I’ve ever done,” Winkler told the TV station. “It continues from there. “

As part of the Bonhams sale, Winkler also sells a pair of mechanical overalls he wore in “Happy Days”, a jacket he wore in Ron Howard’s “Night Shift” and a pair of cowboy boots that he wore in “Happy Days”. ‘he wore in the movie “Lords of Flatbush” and later as Fonzie, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“Going through all the cardboard boxes in storage, there were so many surprise finds,” Winkler said in a statement that accompanied the auction announcements. “I forgot that I kept the jeans and the T-shirts. The engineer boots I bought in New York from a sporting goods store around 23rd Street and used in “The Lords of Flatbush”. When “Happy Days” was picked up as a series, I brought them out of New York to wear them as The Fonz. “

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