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Which Everlast boxing gloves are the best?

Sports supplies company Everlast sells products for many different sporting activities, but has built its reputation around manufacturing martial arts equipment – safety gear, punching bags and a selection of high quality boxing gloves. .

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves are particularly suitable for novices and pros who wish to practice “Sweet Science” in a gym environment. In general, every Everlast boxing glove product specializes in different boxing activities, whether it’s professional competitions or bag work.

What to know before buying Everlast boxing gloves

Boxing gloves vs training gloves

In most cases, the biggest difference between boxing gloves and gloves designed for combat is size, plain and simple. Boxing gloves designed for athletic competition are larger, have thick layers of padding and further restrict the movements of the wearer’s hands. Combat gloves, on the other hand, are generally smaller, lighter, and allow wearers to move their thumbs and fingers more.

Advantages and disadvantages

The claimed purpose of boxing gloves is twofold: to protect the hands of boxers throwing a punch and to minimize damage to boxers who are struck. A well-designed pair of boxing gloves will prevent a boxer’s joints, fingers, and wrist from breaking while making it harder for boxers to tear the skin of opponents they are hitting. Under certain circumstances, however, the protective qualities of thick boxing gloves encourage boxers to target their opponent’s head more aggressively, increasing the risk of concussions and other forms of brain damage in extended matches.

Protect your hands

Before putting on their boxing gloves, most professional boxers like to wrap long strips of fabric around their wrists, palms, and knuckles, locking their knuckles in place while protecting the skin of their hand from it. abrasion. If you are planning to use hand wraps for the first time, look for how-to guides online that can teach you proper hand wrapping techniques.

What to look for in quality Everlast boxing gloves


Boxing gloves are literally made for punching stuff, whether it’s bags in the gym or opponents in the ring; naturally, they must be made of a tough material that can withstand repeated bumps and scratches. At the same time, boxing gloves should be highly breathable to minimize wearer discomfort and the build-up of sweat and odors. The best boxing gloves both tough and breathable, they are often made from leather, mesh fabric and other sturdy synthetic fabrics.


Along with the shock-absorbing padding, boxing gloves also protect the boxer’s hands by locking their wrists and fingers in place, preventing them from being bent at dangerous angles. For this reason, a boxer trying to protect his hands should be very careful to find a pair of boxing gloves that are loose enough not to interfere with blood flow, but snug enough to keep their joints secure.


Different boxing gloves have different external and internal padding ratios depending on whether they are used for boxing, kickboxing sports such as muay thai, or non-competitive practice. When shopping for boxing gloves, always make sure you choose products with comfortable inner padding that protects your hands and outer padding that matches the demands of the sport you have chosen.

How much you can expect to spend on Everlast boxing gloves

Most high quality boxing gloves range from $ 30 to $ 50, with some outliers costing as little as $ 20 or up to $ 100.

Everlast Boxing Gloves FAQs

What are the advantages of hook-and-loop boxing gloves?

A. Gloves with hook-and-loop closure can be easily attached and loosened without the assistance of another person, making them perfect for short spars and sack practice. That said, these boxing gloves are generally less secure than lace-up gloves, and the roughness of the hook-and-loop patches can abrade the skin of training partners.

What are the benefits of laced boxing gloves?

A. Hand-attached boxing gloves can be attached much more tightly to the user’s hand and wrists, making them ideal for extended workouts and professional boxing matches. However, a downside to lace-up boxing gloves is that their owners often need outside assistance to tie the laces.

What are the best Everlast boxing gloves to buy?

Top Everlast boxing gloves

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

What would you like to know: These training gloves are well padded and comfortable, keeping a boxer’s hands intact after sustained training sessions and bag work.

What you will love: The outer layer of these training gloves is made of durable synthetic leather that covers a layer of padding around the front, wrist and back. The antibacterial treatment and the mesh panels for breathing prevent the gloves from developing unpleasant odors.

What you should consider: Some owners have complained about these gloves having a strong chemical odor.

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The best Everlast boxing gloves for the money

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast Elite Pro Style Training Gloves

What would you like to know: These pink synthetic leather gloves provide users with comfort and breathability at an affordable price.

What you will love: This set of training gloves features mesh fabric in the palm to maintain airflow, as well as velcro closures that secure the gloves to the hand and support the cuffs.

What you should consider: The glove’s internal materials are rigid and the padding on the striking surface is relatively thin.

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To be checked

Everlast MMA kickboxing gloves

Everlast MMA kickboxing gloves

What would you like to know: The mesh and foam of these kickboxing gloves protect the hands while letting them breathe.

What you will love: These padded gloves are designed for mixed martial arts combat and training sessions, providing a flexible range of motion for exposed fingers and thumbs. They also serve as boxing or muay thai gloves for punching routines and bag work.

What you should consider: Some owners have commented that the inner mesh of these gloves can be uncomfortable.

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