Ami Patel: Winter jackets and travel essentials


How to pack efficiently and minimally while heading for the hills and the durable coat you need this season

The hills are calling

I am leaving for a 15 day trip in the hills but I can only carry one bag. Could you suggest me the essentials that I should take?

—Anupriya T, by e-mail

Wear comfortable boots in a neutral color as they are suitable for travel and also suitable for winter. Pack a pair of slippers, two to three sweaters, and an overcoat, which you can wear when traveling. If the place is extremely cold, take two sets of thermals, three to four pairs of warm leggings, gloves and a beanie. Also take good care to keep your skin hydrated and a bottle of thermal water to keep you hydrated. And don’t forget the medications to help you fight off any sort of illness you might encounter during your trip.

Winter wonders

With winter here, what should I choose: a trench coat, a leather jacket or a bomber jacket?

– Shreeni, Delhi

As winter approaches, we’ll be switching from light outerwear to durable coats. For this climate, a bomber would be suitable. A bomber jacket is a short jacket with a zipper on the front and functional pockets on both sides. Made of leather, polyester, cotton or nylon, bomber jackets come in different types and have a stylish look that pairs well with a warm indoor outfit. They are perfect for winter and also make a great style statement.

Ami Patel is a famous fashion designer, image consultant and professor of the Art of Living

From Brunch HT, December 5, 2021

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