20 employees who caught their wealthy boss behaving badly



“I was in charge of the video production team. … For a project, I was making a video with the CEO of the company … The board of directors had just made the decision to bring in a private equity firm … for a cash injection in anticipation the initial public offering of the company. The CEO and the other partners received a huge bonus when the investment firm took office. We are talking about millions of dollars. “

“The point of this video with the CEO was to tell these staff that everyone was going to have to tighten their belts and understand that things were going to be meager for a while. The benefits were going to be cut off. Sick leave and the time off policies would change, etc. During a break in the shoot, the CEO staff member who coordinated the shoot asked the CEO, “How does your Bentley treat you?” The CEO went wild that his Bentley was in the store again, he hated the car and he had so many issues with it, and there were always little issues. When he finally finished his rant, the guy asked the CEO, “So what did you drive for work today? The CEO replied, ‘Oh, my other Bentley’. He was making a video about basic personnel needing to tighten their belts; during that time he had half a million dollars in cars. “



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