New mom’s guide to getting her social life back in style


Jacquelyn McIntyre, former American Ballet Theater dancer and Creative Director of Insider Events, who gave birth in November 2020, remembers her pre-pandemic life filled with events and form-fitting figures. “I used to go for glam a couple of times a week, but now I focus on cozy chic,” she says, noting that these days she tends to look to understated brands. like Khaite and Sandro for her evening looks. “No more bodycon dresses for me. This period of my life is – fortunately – over.

Designer of Paris pompom Lola Rykiel, who gave birth to her daughter in September 2020, used to spend her evenings alternating black dresses and thigh-high boots, high-waisted pants and wedge shoes. “Since it took me a while to regain my old figure, I avoid the short dress and over the knee situation,” she says, noting that she has recently started pairing longer dresses with Mary Janes. , which looks more “motherly” but still feels in line with its aesthetic. As someone who has recently started to feel more comfortable in flowing midi dresses rather than my signature silk briefs, I fully understand.

Embrace your new figure.

Whether it’s extra curves, loose skin, or flattened breasts when breastfeeding (hello!), Motherhood comes with physical changes that often cause them to reevaluate their definition of what “sexy” means to. them. “I breastfed my daughter, Margot, for eight months, so I shared my body with her for almost two years, including before and after childbirth,” says McIntyre, noting that during that entire period, his body never felt like his. . As a former ballerina, she admits that she can be overly critical of her figure, but seeing her beautiful daughter helps her abandon this trend. “I don’t mean to sound hokey, but the birth is truly a miracle, and I’m so grateful for my body now and all that it is capable of,” she says.

Rykiel, who grew up in a fashion family, has a similar background. “I’m learning to love my body with more curves, and it’s hard sometimes,” she says. “Watching my body change so much during pregnancy has taught me a lot about acceptance, even though I’m still working on it. She embraces her new figure, shedding pieces that no longer fit her and focusing only on her own style. “I try to think about what makes me feel sexy, rather than what the fashion industry thinks is hot, to help keep me sane and healthy.


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