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If you’re like me, you’ve probably looked in your wardrobe and realized that you haven’t bought any winter clothes in a few years. It quickly became evident this holiday season as I rummaged through my clothes and finally fixed myself on some “old, but gifts” for the various holiday dates, it was about time. I needed to go shopping.

I never liked shopping before the pandemic and that feeling is stronger than ever now. So I did what all of us do, I sat down at my computer doing some fashion updates. However, I was much more thoughtful about my purchases this time around. Obviously, affordability was my top priority, along with quality. I knew firsthand how much I appreciated the quality staples in my closet rather than the cheap, trendy pieces. I also took sustainability into account for the first time. I became much more aware of the impact we needlessly have on the environment and wanted to reduce my footprint as much as possible.

These factors brought me to my new favorite online shopping site, Quince. I read Quince’s mission: “To create an item of equal or better quality than the big luxury brands at a much lower price.” Well that fits my shopping style perfectly! As I researched, the way they highlighted their core values ​​stood out. Quince believes sustainability should be the norm, not a luxury, and focuses on using sustainably produced materials. In the past, I’d noticed that it was mostly the high-end (and more expensive) clothing lines that boasted of their sustainability efforts. They are recognized by various environmental agencies for this, including the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Global Recycled Standard. For Quince, this value is reflected in fairness and safe working conditions for all their employees, including workers in their manufacturing warehouses. Not only did they tick all the boxes on my shopping list, these values ​​also gave me great peace of mind and I was sold.

I decided to tackle the most pressing wardrobe problem: I needed new winter clothes. Heck, I needed a whole new winter wardrobe. Excited by the fact that I managed to refresh my basics and stay within my budget, I opted for new jackets, shirts, sweaters, pants, pajamas and even a few accessories for women. As of this writing I’m wearing my new burgundy cashmere t-shirt and cashmere beanie. I needed to spread the good news. Here are all the winter clothes for women that I bought from Quince so you can get some inspiration to improve your wardrobe too!

Winter jackets for women

Cotton-twill utility jacket | Quince

Utility jackets are an easy to pull on option for running errands or even for a casual night out. I fell in love with this army green jacket because my husband has a similar one that I have coveted for a long time. Unlike hers, this jacket is super soft and made from 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. It is adjusted thanks to the concealed drawstring at the waist. However, I think my favorite part of the whole jacket is the fact that they provided so many pockets! The six pockets are fully functional, snap or zip, and have enough space to leave my purse in the car. This jacket is available in sizes XS-XL.

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Lightweight down quilted jacket |  Quince

Lightweight down quilted jacket | Quince

In the Midwest, it’s common for temperatures to be below zero one day and sunny and 70 degrees the next. Of all my clothes, I rely the most on a light, puffy waistcoat! It easily switches from one extreme climate to another and is fashionable enough to slip into anything from a sweatshirt to a cute blouse. This down vest is Made from 650 certified responsible down. While not bulky, it has a temperature rating of 32 degrees, with stretch armholes and hem, to keep you warm and comfortable. The vest is available in sizes XS-XL in gray, navy blue and black.

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Zip-up jacket in recycled sherpa |  Quince

Zip-up jacket in recycled sherpa | Quince

A versatile fluffy fleece is an absolute MUST in winter! This beautiful cream-colored zipped jacket can be worn from the ski slopes to the foyer. Plus, you can feel great wearing the 100% recycled polyester, made from recycled plastic bottles as part of the Global Recycle System. In addition to cream, it is available in navy and black, and in sizes XS-XL.

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100% leather motorcycle jacket |  Quince

100% leather motorcycle jacket | Quince

If you don’t have a black leather jacket, what are you waiting for? This motorcycle jacket can be worn over any outfit, from races to a night out, to instantly elevate your style. The side zipper and waistband add a bit of style. The best part? It’s a fraction of the price of any 100% comparable leather jacket! It is available in sizes XS-XL, but it is a slim fit so I recommend taking one size if you prefer a looser coat.

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Women’s winter tops

The $ 50 cashmere V-neck sweater |  Quince

The $ 50 cashmere V-neck sweater | Quince

A cashmere sweater is truly a timeless piece for your wardrobe and you can’t beat this beauty for just $ 50! Comparable sweaters typically cost $ 120 or more. I put it on the second my box arrived and it has been worn several times since. It is light, comfortable and can be easily dressed or relaxed. It is available in sizes XS-XL and nine different colors.

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Washable Notch-Collar Stretch Silk Blouse |  Quince

Washable Notch-Collar Stretch Silk Blouse | Quince

This blouse is a real beauty. Although many of us have been out of the office for a while (or retired!), It is still imperative to have a silk blouse for the occasion. This blouse is made of washable silk, which makes it light and comfortable while still exuding luxury and glamor. While silk might not be the fabric you instantly think of in winter, there is something about putting on a cool, soft blouse before going out in rough, harsh weather. It is available in sizes XS-XL and six colors.

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Cashmere T-shirt |  Quince

Cashmere T-shirt | Quince

This gorgeous, versatile cashmere t-shirt is less than half the price of the competition. If you don’t have short-sleeved cashmere, what’s your must-have to wear in fall, winter and spring? This particular t-shirt is made of 100 percent ultra soft and lightweight Category A Mongolian cashmere. It is available in sizes XS-XL and five different colors. For that price, why not buy them all?

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Super Soft Hoodie |  Quince

Super Soft Hoodie | Quince

This cozy sweater is made with Quince’s exclusive SuperSoft fabric, the softest fleece on the market. The hoodie is slightly stretchy, light and warm, the perfect combo to instantly make this your favorite lounge chair. I worked there, I slept there, I went shopping there. Once you put it on, it’s really hard to sacrifice comfort for anything else. It is available in sizes XS-XL and three different colors.

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Winter pants for women

Ultra-stretch ponte half-flare pants |  Quince

Ultra-stretch ponte half-flare pants | Quince

After reading the description of these bootcut pants, I had to try them on. Quince describes them as “IDress pants and yoga pants had a child – that would be it. “Whenever I can combine comfort with work clothes, I’m in it. These pants are made of four-way stretch fabric to be both comfy and comfortable to wear all day. I went for the version bootcut, but they are also available in skinny leg, both styles in sizes XS-XL.

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Winter accessories for women

Cashmere |  Quince

Cashmere | Quince

Scarves are the quintessential underrated winter accessory! They work as functional blankets, comfy scarves, and fashion accessories to spruce up any outfit. This particular scarf is made from 100% Mongolian cashmere to be the softest blanket to wear on the go. He is 86 by 25.5 inches, big enough to curl up underneath. It’s available in neutral tones to match any outfit (and match the gloves and beanie!): Black, oatmeal, heather gray and navy blue.

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Loose cashmere hat |  Quince

Loose cashmere hat | Quince

I like a good hat that is both trendy and functional. This cashmere beanie easily ticks both boxes. The fabric matches the gloves and the casing, in theLuxuriously soft A-grade Mongolian cashmere. The rolled hem adds a lot of style to wear it both inside and out. Plus, it’s the easiest option to put on when my hair isn’t behaving. It is available in four colors: black, oatmeal, heather gray and navy.

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Cashmere gloves |  Quince

Cashmere gloves | Quince

It might be sad to admit, but the quality I like the most about gloves is that they are touchscreen compatible. We all live on our phones and it quickly becomes annoying to rip off the gloves every time we hear a chime. Quince combines this with their Mongolian Cashmere Grade A to create these fabulous gloves. My favorite part of this pair is the extra long cuff to easily fit my coat sleeves and keep my wrists toasty. They are available in four neutral colors to match any exterior ensemble.

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Washable 100% silk button-down pajama and pant set |  Quince

Washable 100% silk button-down pajama and pant set | Quince

I come to like beautiful pajamas; however, I am particular. Don’t give me any of that long-sleeved fleece nonsense because the heat will keep me awake. I prefer lightness and fluidity, with a touch of style. This silk pajama set easily does the trick. Although it comes with long pants, I was pleased to find that it had a side slit to keep me cool all night long. Another huge plus is that this silk is 100% washable because no one wants to dry clean their pajamas. This set is available in sizes XS-XL in black, navy blue and toasted almond.

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