#VocalForLocal: Add the best of Indian culture to your fashion wardrobe

Each season comes with new trends, but there are some that remain classics. These are the basics we need in our wardrobes that go well with almost any style of separate room, and when they’re iconic in our culture, they take on even deeper meaning. Across India there are so many artisans who specialize in various arts and crafts that make great fashion and home decor products. Especially when it comes to fashion, there are those who excel at embroidery, block printing, or using plant fibers to make interesting accessories. These products are a great addition to your wardrobe. Here are some of those beauties you must get your hands on right now!

Leather accessories


If you must invest in leather, invest in good quality and from a source you can really trust. You will get such trustworthy options among the leather goods made in Uttar Pradesh, Agra, Kanpur and Unnao being more known for it. Choose from a variety of products including shoes, belts, and bags made here. The raw material is mainly imported from Kanpur, Kolkata, Chennai, Taiwan and China, among others.

Perfumes For All


Several brands of perfumes are around. But why not opt ​​for perfumes and fragrances developed by experts who have the experience of generations to their credit? Kannauj has a rich history dating back to the days of kings and queens, and scents and fragrances have been a big part of that heritage. Known as the “City of Perfume,” Kannauj has operated the “Surah and Aroma Development Center” (FFDC) since 1991. Established in collaboration with UNIDO (central and state governments), related research and testing in perfumery, from growing plants to processing, etc. are carried out in the establishment.

The One District, One Product (ODOP) program was launched by the UP government in January 2018 to encourage these indigenous and specialized products and crafts by finding new audiences for these products. This has helped dozens of artisans and MSMEs involved in making these products. Wondering where to buy these beauties? They are available on ODOP Mart, Amazon and Flipkart. You can also visit the ODOP website for more information about them.

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