How punk and grunge fashion will reign supreme in 2022


We missed you, Avril Lavigne.

While most of the 2020s and 2021s saw sweatpants and athletic entertainment as the fashion of choice for many, it looks like 2022 will mark the return of punk and grunge. After a year of oscillations between comfort and elegance, although retained, a wind of freedom could blow on fashion in 2022 with the return of the punk style. Although it may seem unexpected, it is a style that seems to be in keeping with the times; its return in 2022 seems to be characterized by eccentric and daring pieces, like leather jackets, studded accessories or typical punk plaid pieces.

Punk fashion emulates a sense of revolution

Feeling of revolution, desire for freedom or simple desire to add extravagance in their life (for lack of glitter), men and women celebrate self-expression through a range of punk-inspired looks. It’s a trend that is starting to take shape and that could peak in 2022. And the return of the punk and grunge genres to the forefront of the music scene, with the re-release of Nirvana’s “Nevermind” for example, is very likely linked. Punk, with all its ramifications, should be the style that will burst into your wardrobe in a few months.

Grunge and punk say goodbye to boring looks

No need to wait until the stroke of midnight on December 31st to rush into your closet and pull out your most punk pieces. Cautious overviews of the trend are already appearing in various places. Etsy took a look at which fashion pieces are the subject of a growing body of research on its platform over the past three months to determine which styles users are gradually adopting, and the results are clear: fishnet, studs and the tiles are clearly in fashion. And while they might not totally define the punk style on their own, they are definitely key parts of it.

In more detail, Etsy reports an 879% increase in searches for studded collars in the past three months compared to the same period last year, as well as a more measured 34% increase in demand for belts at crampons. Another staple of punk style, vintage plaid clothing is also gaining more and more followers in recent months with searches up 48%. But make sure you choose your checks wisely and wear them with leather, faded or ripped denim and boots, so that your punk look isn’t mistaken for a lumberjack look – not that there is nothing wrong with a lumberjack look of course.

Leather jackets are not left out either, as their demand has increased by 21%. And to complete the panoply, all that is missing is fishnet accessories (a basic!) For which searches are also up by 37%. The craze for punk fashion has crossed virtual borders with countless looks to discover on different social networks. On TikTok, the #punkstyle hashtag has accumulated over 12 million views.

Emerald green is the new black

Considering the punk trend, red and black could have been the star colors of the year 2022. But of course fashion being fashion, it is full of contradictions and surprises. It is therefore emerald green that is capturing the attention of Internet users at the end of the year. Etsy reports a 64% increase in searches for this shade symbolizing nature, of course, but also freedom, hope and above all renewal.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews


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