23 long leather jackets to wear this season


My mom discovered a fashion trend without even trying. In anticipation of winter in Chicago, my mom and I will always go shopping for coats together to try and find her a new warm jacket. We’re tearing up Michigan Avenue, going from store to store in 15-minute increments. The same is happening in every store: I bring out awesome bombers and short puffer jackets, my mom shakes her head no, and she takes a knee-length jacket.

“Come on, mom. Why not this one? I will say, handing over a leather bomber jacket that I secretly hope she likes so I can “borrow” it from her closet.

She informs me for the 97th time that she will not wear any jacket that does not fully cover her buttocks. I remind him of his excellent physique, which may be due to the weekly Pilates and the eight kilometer races each day. In turn, she told me that is not the goal and not to push it. “I will wear a short coat the same day you wear a long one,” is his final word on the matter.

In my defense, I tried to wear long coats. But each long puff made me feel like a stretched out marshmallow, each trench coat made me feel like a hidden private investigator, and each woolen overcoat felt like I was trapped in a blanket. Then one evening, as I pulled on my favorite leather jacket to go out, it hit me: long leather jackets.

Even though I still don’t understand my mom’s short coat rule, I will say I can get behind her long coat look. Long leather coats are the perfect jacket for winter. They are elegant, subtle, and have just the right amount of shape. The leather is not too heavy and the extra length adds a lot of warmth. And after a long search online, I found tons of options that I could see both my mom and myself wearing. Below I have collected 21 long leather jackets for you to get through the winter. (And mom, if you’re reading this, now is your turn to try on the leather bomber jacket.)


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