Several local businesses broken into during the holidays


CINCINNATI – Instead of the sound of fireworks over the weekend, several small business owners heard the sounds of broken glass on their surveillance cameras as the world celebrated the New Year.

“They threw a brick through our front door,” Jacob Vonderhaar, co-owner of The Daily Vintage told OTR. “They took a handful of about 10 or 12 women’s leather jackets.”

Vonderhaar said it was the second break-in in a week at his 3-month-old vintage clothing store, which he owns with three other friends. He said the store was broken into on New Years Eve and Christmas Eve.

“He broke his back,” Vonderhaar said. “He walked through and literally just grabbed a few hats and took off.”

Each time, thieves walked in and out of the store in 30 seconds or less, leaving The Daily Vintage owners disheartened.

“We all put our blood and sweat and tears in this place and we worked really hard for a long time, and it’s heartbreaking,” he said. “Just because we feel like we are a positive part of the community. We help, you know, bring unique fashion to people and it’s like people express themselves as a great way of expressing themselves through what they wear and yes, the simple fact that people walk in and defiling our property and taking our things is just a little heartbreaking. “

The Vonderhaar store wasn’t the only small business affected over the holiday weekend. According to police reports, the windows of the Kitchen Factory on Chase Avenue in Northside were smashed and the Blue Jay restaurant in Hamilton was also broken into.

“Pretty shocked, as this is a small, tight community and we’ve been here for 55 years this year,” said Vasiliki Brunson, owner of Blue Jay Restaurant.

Brunson said her family had closed the restaurant for the holidays and were shocked when they discovered the back door wide open on Sunday morning and the money missing. The money and damage to the front door will cost the family close to $ 4,000.

“It’s supposed to be the best year,” she said. “And now I wake up with this. But that’s OK.”

She said the outpouring of love from the community is what keeps everything going.

“It’s a great community,” Brunson said. “We get a lot of support. We were very busy today which is very grateful. I hear online that a lot of people have posted great things like coming out and supporting the Blue Jays and very lucky for all of that. “

Police did not determine if the weekend’s crimes were related in any way. They investigate every break-in.


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