Everything Home store opens at Lincoln Mall in Freeport

FREEPORT – The community’s response to a new store in town has been music to the ears of Lorrie Gitz and her husband, Steve, who recently opened the Everything Home store in the Lincoln Mall.

“We hear over and over again, ‘I am in awe of all the beautiful objects here,” ”said Lorrie Gitz.

The upscale home goods, real estate and gift store features unique treasures, many of which are not often seen in this area.

With Gitz’s background in marketing, retail, and design, she created a warm and inviting visual experience for buyers to explore.

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The couple own Gitz-Meier Remodeling and Restorx and, thanks to a renovation project, were able to acquire the huge estate from a couple who have traveled extensively, with demanding taste and an eye for collecting beautiful things.

Gitz said the acquisition was mind-boggling, requiring a warehouse to store the collection, much of which had never been removed from the original boxes.

Currently, the shop is shifting from Christmas items to its spring collection which will include Valentine’s Day gifts, artistic scarves from renowned designers like Bob Mackie and Mary McFadden, silk creations and beautiful things from Ireland, a passion of the woman who possessed them.

A children’s and baby boutique featuring quality Marshall Field clothing will be featured along with garden art, patio furniture, viewing balls, unusual pots and whimsical decor. They will also add utility items like tools as well as snow shovels and heaters available for the season.

You will find charming Thomas Kinkade painted upside down lamps and elegant Tiffany-style lighting, beautiful rugs, linens, kitchen gadgets, waterford porcelain and crystal, oil paintings, jeweled eggs, mirrors and clocks, as well as traditional and lodge pieces.

Women's clothing is on sale at Everything Home at Lincoln Mall in Freeport.

A toy section is a delight for the youngest and buyers will discover author’s books bound in leather; designer handbags; women’s shoes and boots as well as women’s clothing, most ranging from plus size to XXX.

Many still have the original tags and have never been worn.

Gitz said they currently have limited furniture on the floor, but will be adding more this spring.

One of Everything Home’s most unusual pieces is a collector’s handbag that replicates the White House in Washington, DC Created by Beverly Hills designer Timmy Woods, it’s hand-carved from acacia wood , hand painted and encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The first edition of this unique handbag was given to First Lady Laura Bush during her husband’s presidency.

Gitz said the inventory will constantly change because the collection is so large.

She enlisted the help of friends who had come out of retirement to help her; she credits them with much of the store’s success. She says that a group of valued and talented people make it a great place to work, she loves hearing the laughter of her employees on the floor and adds that it’s a pleasure to see people having fun when they are doing their jobs. races.

The boutique will review items for public property by appointment only, being selective to maintain the integrity of the quality of the items it currently offers.

Living room items are on sale at Everything Home at Lincoln Mall in Freeport

Everything Home is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

Sherry Maves is a freelance correspondent.

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