Berluti unveils its Spring-Summer 22 collection with distinguished luxury streetwear pieces

In 1895, Berluti established himself as a fine shoemaker for the cobblestones lining the streets of Paris. Fortunately, more than a hundred years later, Berluti has developed leather goods and accessories which have given way to ready-to-wear collections. In 2011, the brand presented its first complete collection of clothing and offered a tailor-made experience to its customers. The name Berluti has shaped distinguished men into suits, dress shoes and boots during its existence, with service workshops on rue Marbeuf and rue de Sèvres, and more than 60 stores around the world.

The gentlemen who wear Berluti have evolved with the generations, and the brand belonging to LVMH has developed its taste to satisfy them. As Berluti noted in a published statement, “the universe of boot makers of leathers, patinas and colors” has been refined for the laid back, laid back man of the post-pandemic era. Berluti’s spring-summer 2022 ready-to-wear collection has been modernized with a silhouette that remains as chic as a French fashion house might suggest.

Berluti draws on his traditional creations, such as his “Scritto” motif inspired by an 18th century manuscript, which comes to life in 2004, as the palette of streetwear creations in this ambitious collection. Scritto’s original design was hand-calligraphed poetry. Berluti’s reinterpretation of this aesthetic amplifies the expressive side of the modern man, designed beyond wallets and leather belts. An enlarged design, the abstract Scritto design comes in silk inserts and embroidery on the nubuck bombers. The bomber flaunts the sophistication of the Berluti name with millimeter positioning close to the abstract pattern and superb fit techniques

The Scritto pattern is also woven, knitted or printed on windbreakers, sweaters, shirts and shorts, in colors and patterns that attract as much attention as Berluti bags and shoes. The refreshed all-over design is applied through a new heat-sealed leather padding process when not embroidered on any of their polo shirts or on the breast pocket of an overcoat.

The interfacing elements of the jackets have been removed, creating a fluid and light silhouette. Berluti also designed shirt jackets with large patch pockets and trekking style jackets in shearling and leather, as well as vest models, as well as in a quilted gilet. Raincoats and other lightweight jackets complement slick pants. And classic style t-shirts, plush hoodies, and plenty of other accessories are available, including a Scritto print phone case, leather keychain, and toiletry bag.

Shoes are at the heart of the Berluti name, and beyond the classic dress shoe, the brand is also exploring luxury sneakers. The Eden sneaker is made from very supple leather that hugs the skin and is part of a new line of ultra-comfortable shoes from the Parisian House. Berluti basics, Playtime and Fast Track sneakers are available in two different types of leather, made with the same quality. Dress shoes like the Alessandro and Andy are available in decorative leather styles.

Berluti’s signature patterned canvas is repeated over a herringbone weave, with Venezia leather details at the corners, tabs, handles and hem. The Spring-Summer 2022 collection has not deviated from its leather traditions, on which Berluti has built its brand. In a breath of modernized luxury, Berluti reinvents its iconic leather aesthetic with the abstraction of the Scritto motif and expressive tailoring and flair. Streetwear has overtaken a majority of luxury brands and is an unwavering style noted by Berluti, taking advantage of having distinguished pieces in the market.

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