Rothy’s Weekend Bag Review

Although COVID-19 has put a damper on travel around the world, people are still finding ways to have their own little adventures, even if that means a weekend getaway to a nearby town for shopping, relax, drink wine, dine and rejuvenate. And while you may not have needed your bulky wheeled luggage or even that overhead-friendly suitcase in the past couple of years, it is chances are you’ll need a smaller, easy-to-carry weekend bag to take you on some much-needed pandemic-era getaways.

I’ve owned my fair share of weekend bags. There were the colorful fabric bags which looked adorable but quickly lost their durability and sheerness after a few trips. Then there were the leather duffel bags that certainly carried everything I needed, but weren’t fancy enough to be used for more than a few years before being given away.

And of course there are a number of beautiful, fashion-forward weekend bags, but I personally fell in love Rothy’s weekend bag, which has already inspired me to start making travel a priority. I chose the eco bag not only for its beautiful design, but also for its manufacture.

Rothy’s Weekender Bag

Known for its commitment to sustainability and its trademark, easily identifiable flats, Rothy’s has made a name for itself in fashion forward. And while it would be easy to adore the brand simply for its comfortable flats, its lesser-known travel bags also deserve praise. The brand offers two that I love: The weekend and The passer.

As you might have guessed from its name, The weekend, which is made from recycled plastic, is roomy enough for a multi-day trip. The bag holds its structure incredibly well and is not flimsy at all.

If you can mix and match the clothes and not pack too many extra fluff — it’s hard not to overdo it on the reading material — you can comfortably pack up to four to five days of travel with The Weekender. The Overnighter, however, is a real night stalker.

Rothy’s Morning After Bag

The bags themselves resemble large-scale bloated expensive handbags. I went with the versatile Camel and Black style, but the bag is also available in a sand stone design. And in case you ever need to clean your bag, never fear: it comes with a wash bag that protects it for those gentle wash cycles.

Depending on what I’m carrying, I’ll sometimes use the adjustable shoulder strap, but it’s removable if you prefer to hold onto the padded, easy-to-carry handles. The Weekender bag has a main compartment for clothes, but also has two incredibly useful side compartments: one designed for storing shoes, perhaps a matching pair of Rothy, and another for storing other necessities, such as your phone charger, laptop, electric toothbrush, wallet, sunglasses – I’ll leave the packing up to you.

And while it’s inevitable that international travel will resume when COVID-19 wanes, you’ll always find ways to integrate The weekend in your little adventures. It’s okay to leave that bulky suitcase in the closet a little longer.

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