Malaysia Aviation Group launches handbags made from recycled aircraft materials

Malaysia Airlines’ parent company has unveiled a range of handbags made from repurposed aircraft materials, including leather seats and life jackets.

Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG) has teamed up with fashion brand Theselina to produce a range of five handbags, which have been named after IATA codes for destinations within the carrier’s network.

Materials sourced from Malaysia Airlines planes for the project include leather seats, seat belts, buckles, tablecloths and life jackets, as well as the carrier’s “kebaya” cabin crew uniforms.

The range – which can be purchased from – includes the Sierra Yankee Delta (SYD) personalized canvas bag; the November Romeo Tango (NRT) messenger bag; the Penan Mike Yankee Yankee Bag (MYY); and the Mike Echo Lima (MEL) backpack.

The group said the initiative “supports MAG’s commitment to a net-zero carbon future through recycling efforts”, and follows the launch of its sustainability plan last year.

Malaysia Aviation Group launches sustainability plan

Commenting on the news, MAG Acting Chief Sustainability Officer and Firefly CEO Philip See said:

“Sustainability is a key driver of MAG’s long-term Business Plan 2.0 to become Asia’s leading travel and aviation services group. As the parent company of national carrier Malaysia Airlines, MAG continues to find ways to promote socio-economic development and achieve its commitment to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“This includes minimizing our environmental impacts; positively improve the communities in which we operate; ensuring excellence in safety; generate profitability for the benefit of our stakeholders, the employees; and ensure compliance within the organization.

“At MAG, we believe that our customers should be able to enjoy the good things in life while remaining aware of our role in protecting the planet.

“We are proud to show the fruits of what our collaboration with high-end designer Selina Yeop Jr of Theselina has brought, through the reuse of airplane materials in bespoke designer bags, allowing us to reduce waste. while lightening our flagship brand to the world. ”

Last year, Malaysia Airlines launched the MHArtisans initiative, encouraging its employees to create and sell handicrafts on the airline’s online store.

Malaysia Airlines employees sell handcrafted creations

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