Kamal Haasan’s Khaddar house will be featured at Paris Fashion Week 2022, costume designer Amritha Ram confirms l Exclusive

Kamal Haasan is ready to spark the love of Parisians as he and his House of Khaddar brand prepare to be showcased during the upcoming Paris Fashion Week 2022. Bringing his vision to put khadi on the global map, the celebrated designer fashion designer Amritha Ram, who along with Kamal Haasan launched the brand in 2021. Currently in Chicago, Amritha is thrilled to showcase House of Khaddar at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2022. In conversation with New18, the designer fashion talks about taking khadi to Paris, working with living legend Kamal Haasan and why 2022 will be the year of khadi.

You hear the excitement in her voice, when she mentions that House of Khaddar will be showing at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week. After showcasing an immaculate array of khadi outfits in Chicago last year, Amritha can’t wait to introduce the khadi to Parisians. “It is a vision of Kamal Haasan sir and mine to put the fabric on the world map. It’s the year of the khadi and we are going to present our collection at Paris Fashion Week,” says Amritha, adding, “We have opted for a different weave of the same khaddar and this is the first time that this type of presentation fabric is in progress. made internationally. So yes, fingers crossed! It will be the first of its kind but one of a kind with Paris Fashion Week.

Designer Amritha Ram and Mr. Kamal Haasan.

Leading House of Khaddar under the tutelage of famous actor and politician Kamal Haasan was an overwhelming experience for Amritha Ram. Truly inspired by his art work and the way he has styled himself over the years in his respective films, she considers him an institution of the highest quality. “My experience working with Mr. from yesterday to today has been a great journey. I have always considered myself an understudy for him. What he has learned over the past few years in terms of textiles, cuts , fits and hats is unreal. I was so amazed by his style that during the pandemic I created an Instagram page called kh_thestykemanifest where I break down the looks created by him in his films. In the 70s, he’s starting a trend with the leather jacket, the newsboy cap and the aviators. So when I asked him about the inspiration behind this look, he said he took visual references from serial killer Ted Bundy and that he put them together.From wearing khadi during political campaigns to walking the streets of Chicago in a khadi trench coat, Amritha says he’s like modern Gandhi, embracing khadi with complete panache.

Kamal Haasan

When asked how involved Kamal Haasan was in the design process, she said, “After I finish the design process, I sit down with sir. He has his own little fine-tuning that comes to mind, which is so quirky. He says I don’t trust books, I’ve never done it in movies, never in fashion. I go by what I think, I go with the flow. So these are things that my fashion school didn’t teach me, that I’m still learning under its tutelage. I am doing an internship with KH sir. This is how the design process works.

Their recent well-received Nunool collection is a positive sign, Amritha believes. Busting the myths surrounding khadi in her debut collection, Amritha says, “Khadi can be sexy and enduring. The collection included short skirts, short jackets and open backs. We’ve definitely busted the myths around the khadi that says it’s boring, has no colors, no panache, no western cuts. It’s such a diverse and durable fabric too. With the recent passage of the New York Sustainability Bill, I think we reign supreme in terms of fabric and tick all the boxes in terms of zero carbon waste, dyeing, etc. Khadi is such a fluid fabric that you can dress it up and you can dress it down.

Amritha firmly believes that 2022 will be the year of khadi and aims to take the fabric to new heights. “I believe I have a responsibility to maintain the history of the garment and yes, I strive to do so with pride. It is art and love in its purest form. The fabric challenges me and brings out the best in me.

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