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Governor Brian Kemp recently publicly endorsed unlicensed carrying, which his main challenger, former US senator David Perdue, has pledged to support. According to Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionWhichever Republican emerges as the GOP nominee will take on anti-gun Democrat Stacey Abrams and her supporters. Mark Walters, host of Armed American Radio, predicted that this year’s race will be down and very dirty.

Gun rights are a big issue in Georgia, where hundreds of thousands of citizens are now allowed to carry. Constitutional support and the protection of their existing gun rights will get many of these gun owners to vote.

Abrams supports what’s called “universal background checks.” In 2018, when she ran for governor and was defeated by Kemp, the Atlanta newspaper analyzed her remarks about guns, in which she said “We need waiting periods and supported banning so-called “assault weapons”. She also used that all-too-familiar, if ill-defined, call for “common sense gun regulation,” no matter what.

It’s unclear if gun rights would be an issue if it wasn’t something Kemp and Perdue could campaign on, as they both have to get gun voters to vote in the primaries and general elections in November. By then, Georgians and citizens across the country will likely hear more about guns and the Second Amendment from two seasoned politicians than they realize. By early spring, there could well be a bill on Kemp’s desk allowing for a constitutional postponement, which Abrams will almost certainly swear to reverse if she wins in the fall.

If license-free transportation becomes law, Georgia will join 21 other states with similar statutes. What if a handful of other states also fell into line? We could see maybe half of the United States with a constitutional carry this year, provided all the stars align.

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