5 Times HyunA And DAWN Were Relationship Goals

On February 3, K-pop fans cheered and showed their full support for idol couple HyunA and DAWN as they revealed they were engaged by posting a video of their dainty and elegant engagement rings on their instagram.

The two have been dating for six years (since 2016) and announced their relationship in 2018, leading them to leave their former agency Cube Entertainment and then join PSY’s label P NATION the same year.

During their relationship, the K-pop power couple have publicly shown that they really are “that” couple, earning the love of fans around the world.

Here are a few times they proved to be the true definition of “relationship goals”:

Show everyone pictures of their intimate smooches.

Image by: @hyunah_aa Instagram

via @hyunah_aa | instagram

via MAPS

Just by looking at these photos, you could feel the love and tenderness these two have for each other.

Whenever HyunA and DAWN give each other kisses on camera, K-pop fans are always ready to shout “Aww. Buts!” because these are really cute intimate photos that you won’t always see in the K-pop scene.

It’s really one of the reasons these two are always so refreshing to watch, and we can’t help but feel happy for them.

They always serve looks in their photo shoots.

via DAZED Korea

via DAZED Korea

Obviously, this couple, who are also fashion icons, will always kill when it comes to shoots in different magazines.

There isn’t a single photoshoot of them that goes wrong because one thing HyunA and DAWN will do is pose for this camera – something we should always expect from them.

Every time they wear matching cuts…and it’s not grumpy.

via @hyojong_1994 | instagram

via @hyojong_1994 | instagram

Whenever HyunA and DAWN dress up in matching outfits, how does that never cringe? It’s so unfair to us ordinary people.

These two will always look great in everything they wear – from matching leather jackets to simple streetwear – they’re sure to rock all types of styles like the cool, stylish icons that they are.

This is the “loving” look for me.

via @hyojong_1994 | instagram

Some people say you will only know if two people are really crazy about each other by the way their eyes light up every time they look at each other. Yes, it’s the “affectionate” look that betrays everything for couples — even for these lovebirds.

Move over, you two, please. Let us fans join the HyunA and DAWN sandwich!

Perform together on stage and shock everyone with a kiss at the end.

Screenshot from KPOP Wave/YouTube

I just know everyone inside that room was screaming through gritted teeth – idols in the watching audience included – when HyunA and DAWN surprised everyone with their electrifying performance and, at the end, shared a sweet kiss that made it a hot topic on social media.

The performance took place on 31st Seoul Music Awards where the idol couple performed their song “Ping Pong” from their 1st mini album [1+1=1].

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