The best clothes to get (and where to find them)

In Zomboid Project, clothing is a player’s first line of defense against zombies and the environment. However, not all clothing is equally effective, with many being strictly better than others in terms of zombie protection or environmental protection. Of course, in a zombie apocalypse beggars can’t choose, but beggars can certainly keep an eye out for the best deals and make the most of what they get in the future. After all, the best of the best isn’t necessary to cover the bare necessities.

There are a ton of different clothes to choose from, and without thoroughly checking each item, the differences won’t be immediately clear. Additionally, garments can be found in varying conditions that significantly change their behavior in the world. Every part of a piece of clothing can have a hole in it which affects its stats for the worse until it is repaired or strengthened by crafting. It doesn’t help that most of these details are represented by bars instead of numbers, in addition to being located in additional menus; players don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to looting as zombies approach and moods cause trouble.


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Clothes in Zomboid Project have a few different attributes worth noting. The most obvious attributes are resistance to scratches and bites, which give their respective attack a chance to miss instead of landing on players. In a game where even a simple scratch or laceration can be fatal, any protection is valuable. Garments also have different environmental protection values, especially for insulation, wind chill resistance and water resistance. Water resistance usually doesn’t have much of an impact, as it’s only relevant during rain and snow and can be outweighed by the other attributes, but insulation and wind resistance are important. The winter months will be vicious without warm clothes, so it is important to have warm clothes on hand, if they are not worn. Finally, some clothes have a speed modifier for combat and movement that can make seemingly good clothes cost a lot.

What clothes to wear Zomboid Project And how

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It should be noted that compromises must be made when it comes to clothing in Zomboid Project; most of the best clothing sacrifices mobility, zombie protection, or environmental protection. It is also possible that the clothes are too much good, causing overheating. If players overheat, they can either remove layers of clothing, find substitutes with less insulation, or deal with overheating and carry extra water.

Face: balaclava and welder’s mask

Hoods provide the best possible environmental protection in the slot, although they are relatively rare as they can only be found on Bandit Zombies. Welding masks are not only bound for the best zombie protection and have decent environmental protection, but are also an essential tool for all forms of metalworking, and can be found on zombie mechanics and in the most places, tools would be found.

Hat: winter hat, hard hat and motorcycle helmet

Winter hats offer the best possible environmental protection in the slot without the inconvenience, and are on the shelves wherever clothes would normally be, albeit rarely. Hard hats provide full protection against bites and scratches as well as very high environmental protection without inconvenience, and are found exclusively on biker zombies. If players are willing to give up 5% of their movement speed in Zomboid Projectmotorcycle helmets provide full protection against zombies as well as maximum environmental protection, and are also found on motorcycle zombies.

Neck: White Scarf

The white scarf offers minor scratch resistance as well as maximum environmental protection without inconvenience, and can be found inside stocking crates at any clothing store or department store. Strangely, other scarf colors have worse attributes, so players need to specifically locate white ones if they want the best clothes possible.

Shirt: denim shirt and lumberjack shirt

Denim shirts are the only shirts to offer minor bite and scratch resistance, as well as decent environmental protection, and can be found anywhere clothing is normally found. in Zomboid Project, especially in wardrobes and bedroom drawers. If players don’t need zombie protection, the lumberjack shirt provides much better environmental protection.

Vest: police bulletproof vest

All bulletproof vests offer resistance to zombies, but the police version offers the best environmental protection, albeit slightly better than the civilian version. It is found in police stations as well as on police zombies.

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Jacket: Firefighter jacket and leather jacket

Firefighter jackets in Zomboid Project provide high protection against everything, but also slow the player down and can be found on fire zombies. If this slowdown is too great, leather jackets degrade protection in exchange for the return of almost all mobility, and end up everywhere clothing is normally found.

Gloves: Leather Gloves

Leather gloves are the only gloves that offer protection against zombies and very high environmental protection. They can be found wherever clothes are normally found.

Holster: Double holster

As the name suggests, the double holster is like a holster, but lined. It allows Zomboid Project players carry two pistols which can be equipped via a hotkey, as well as reduces the weight of equipped items by 30%, and can be found in police and military premises.

Pants: padded pants and military urban camo pants

Padded pants provide maximum environmental protection and minor resistance to bites and scratches, at the cost of 5% movement speed, and can be found in clothing stores as well as homes. If this movement speed is a concern, the Military Urban Camouflage Pants sacrifice some environmental protection for return speed, though they are also very rare, only found on Soldier Zombies and Zombie Survivalists. .

Footwear: Military boots and sneakers

Military boots offer full zombie immunity, decent environmental protection, and the best trample damage in exchange for 15% of the player’s movement speed. They can be found unusually on all zombies, especially soldiers and survivalists in Zomboid Project. If this mobility penalty is too severe, the sneakers sacrifice most resistances and a quarter of trample damage in exchange for 10% movement speed. premium instead, and can be found wherever clothing is normally found.

Wrist: digital watches

Digital watches give the player information about the time, date, and temperature, as well as setting an alarm. They are found exclusively on zombies and other corpses, but they are relatively common.

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Zomboid Project is available on PC.

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