Most expensive sneakers in Super Bowl history: $200,000 and more than 1,500 diamonds at Beckham’s feet

OWe all know the type of drop Odell Beckham Jr. brings to his cleats every time he plays, it’s a NIKE sponsored athlete after all. But playing her very first superbowl is arguably the most special occasion for the Rams‘ wide receiver. As such, he decided to request a special job that only a shoe specialist could do. For those unaware, the ‘Shoe Surgeon is a famous sneaker artist who deconstructs the original shoes and adds premium materials to them. He often uses different types of animal skins and charges thousands of dollars for each pair he sells. Odell Beckham Jr. is a regular customer of shoe surgeon and he naturally did some new special work.

The studs Odell usually carries have been deconstructed for today’s play, but the shoe surgeon added an impressive detail that he doesn’t often add. Each shoe has a huge swoosh on each side, but Odell asked to fill them all with prominent diamonds. The final work is quite impressive from the Shoe Surgeon. Odell has already been spotted wearing his new shoes on the warm-up pitch as he walked on them SoFi Stadium land to go around. But that’s not all, the royal blue and yellow python leather used on the shoes was also selected by the shoe surgeon.

What kind of diamonds are in Odell Beckham’s cleats?

According to shoe surgeon itself, the diamonds have a total carat weight of 25 carats with a total of 1,494 D-color diamonds of flawless clarity. All of these diamonds are split between the two swooshes. Additionally, the studs feature 150 grams of 14k yellow gold and sit just below the diamonds. According to the craftsman, these shows took over 100 hours to create and they are valued at a whopping $200,000. The shoe surgeon has also created cleats for three other Rams players, including Jalen Ramsey, Cooper Kupp and Von Miller.

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