Is this Amazon backpack a real winner?

Let’s be realistic. When you go out, you don’t just need your phone, wallet and keys. Sure, those are the essentials, but you need space for headphones, hand sanitizer, masks, a phone charger, your reusable water bottle, a book… The list goes on. So finding the perfect backpack can be an uphill battle.

Of course, when it comes to finding the answer to your problems, Amazon is a retailer that many turn to. That’s how our editor, Kat, found the CLUCI backpack.

Shown in green. Photo: Amazon

CLUCI Women’s backpack

With an impressive Average rating of 4.4 stars from over 9,700 staggering Amazon reviews, this bag is a clear winner for many shoppers. So Kat put him to the test. Here is the ‘too long; didn’t read’ (TL;DR) review of this Amazon favorite backpack.

About the Examiner

name: Kat, editor

a little about me: I am a Best Buys editor. I’m 29 – still clinging to the final months of my 20s – and someone who loves things that last with an affinity for a big bag.

what bag i have: I have the two-tone vintage brown leather option.

Kat with her CLUCI backpack in two-tone brown leather. Photo: Kat Miller

Why I Love Her in a Minute (or Less)

This bag has been a trusty carryall for me since I got it. Unless I have extraordinary plans that require my favorite pouch, I usually cycle between this backpack and a tote bag for everyday needs.

Its finish has held up well. despite raining more than once and my incessant need to sanitize my things – thanks Covid – after a long day of coming and going. I like this this bag does not look like a backpack but it’s easier to carry over my puffiest teddy bear jacket.

My biggest issue with the CLUCI backpack is that its opening could be slightly larger. I have a MacBook Air that can hold up if I give it my all and there’s nothing else in the bag. It’s not the most convenient way to carry my laptop, so I generally refrain from carrying this bag around when I know I need my computer.

That being said, I would definitely recommend this bag as a daily handbag or backpack.

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More Highlights on This Top-Rated Amazon Backpack

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to why this bag is a winner for me – but here are the main advantages.

Two words: color options

The CLUCI backpack is available on Amazon in a breathtaking format 37 colors. I have this two-tone vintage brown leather bag, but I love the sleek and solid black leather option, the sunny mustard color and the powder blue hue if I had to pick just three more than I’m looking at.

Handles galore

I really like the handle situation with this bag. I mainly use the straps and carry it like a backpack, but I like having a strap if I prefer to throw it over one shoulder.

The handle options make this bag a treat. Pictured here in black. Photo: Amazon

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Back zip entry

Unlike a zipper, this backpack features an L-shaped zipper on the back panel. While that surely makes it a more secure bag, I find it a little inconvenient when trying to quickly access my sunglasses. For things I need quickly, like my phone or AirPods, I slip them into the side pockets.

Normal wear

I’ve been wearing this backpack solidly for three months and it doesn’t show much signs of wear. For complete transparency, there are two small spots at two of the corners of its base where the finish has faded slightly. That being said, I’m pretty happy with how it holds up and have no doubt it will continue to be a staple for years to come.

One of two great little places where the finish has worn off a bit. The other is in the same place on the other front corner. Photo: Kat Miller

price point

Starting at around £38 and stretching up to around £50, depending on which colorway you choose, CLUCI has rated this bag fairly well in my opinion. It’s not high-end luxury, but it’s a lot sturdier and well-designed than that bag you once bought for £10. However, it is a durable, yet timeless and cute women’s backpack that holds up well. If you wear it as often as I do, even the most expensive color will be worth it.

My last two cents

If you’re still with me, it’s probably obvious that this favorite Amazon backpack gets my wholehearted stamp of approval, as do the thousands of happy Amazon reviewers. Basically, if you’re looking for an easy-going everyday backpack, then yes, this bag is a great investment.

For those looking for a great laptop bag, this one isn’t for you. I recommend you check out Best Buys list of the best laptop backpacks. Or, if you want a bigger weekend bag, check out the best duffel bags on the market to take you on your vacation.

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