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Alright, you’ve finally bought that new luxury watch you’ve been dreaming about for months. But I’m sure you know that to have a luxury watch, you have to look the part. You are, after all, a taste maker and purveyor of the finer things in life, aren’t you? So, to help you look good for your recent purchase, here are some tips for dressing for your new luxury watch!

How to dress for your new luxury watch

Whether it’s a Seiko Submariner or a Rolex Yacht-Master, your sense of style and OOTDs can make any watch or timepiece stand out. However, it all depends on how well the clothes you have chosen fit together and how well they show off your well-invested wrist-worn companion. While it’s true that most guys and girls choose a watch or watch during the final moments of their OOTD planning, some people (those with just one watch or watch, for example) may benefit tips focused on matching your outfit to any type of watch or timepiece available in your collection instead of the other way around. Planning an outfit based on your new luxury watch can add a more formal touch to your overall look for the day, accentuate your watch or timepiece a bit more, or have some fun with the color palette of your look. Remember that simplicity is essential when wearing a dress watch or a luxury watch.

Check the color and material.

From now on, the color and material of the other components of your OOTD are a good reference for your choice of watch. So, if possible, you can start by matching belts and shoes to the color and material of your watch and its strap. Some basic rules include wearing black or brown watch straps with shoes and belts of the same color and wearing a silver or gold watch strap with shoes, belts or costumes of either color. the other color or a similar color.

If you’re someone with shoes in different styles and colors, interchangeable watch straps are good style investments to have. Note that your watch straps don’t have to be the same color as your shoes and belts. They just need to be in a similar color tone. Make sure it looks consistent, lest you have to use color-matching apps on your smartphone. Good leather straps are a classic choice, but gold or silver watch straps are fine when they complement the rest of your outfit.

Pay attention to your metals.

Matching the metal and color of your watch to the rest of your outfit is also good style advice for watch lovers. First, it’s important to note the color of your belt buckles, shoe buckles, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, and pins, and make sure your watch is metal-matching. For example, wear a gold watch with gold or gold-plated accessories. Next, focus specifically on the most visible parts of your watch or timepiece (the watch band, the metal detail, and even the color of the watch face). If the watch case is rose gold or titanium, accessorize it accordingly to complement it. Pocket squares and bow ties can also play a role here. Metallic suspenders always work well with shirts, blazers and shinier leathers.

Balance is the key.

As in all aspects of life, balance is key! When you treat yourself to blazers, jackets or graphic shirts for the summer or any festive occasion, pay attention to their details. Blazers, jackets or shirts with eye-catching, intricate textures and details should be paired with more subtle accessories. Otherwise, the components of your outfit will clash, leaving you with a messy and inconsistent look. You can avoid this by adding blazers, jackets and shirts to your watch or timepiece. For example, bronze, rose gold or even platinum could be matched with buttons, cufflinks and tie pins. Doing it the right way can even draw more attention to your new luxury watch.

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